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Hey everyone! I need some help filling out my transmog set. I'm aiming for the Lawbringer Gauntlets and Leg Plates, as well as the Judgement Belt but I've already farmed MC and BWL for the week. Anyone know of any temporary replacements that would look relatively good with what I have, off the top of their head?

P.S. I already have a plan for the weapon.
download the Mogit Add on. It will help u find something. I use it all the time.
Been through this before so I know how you feel. There isn't much that matches the boots. What does is very bland and makes the boots stand out more then they should. I would just un-transmog and wait until you have the full set.

The pieces will drop, just be patient ;)
I love the Dawnsteel Shoulders as you can see. <<<

I love the bulkier boot models and it's hard to find matching boots with nice golden tones. I settled on my current look for the moment. The axe looks a lot better in-game. Glows white.
I see your transmog very closely mirrors my own. I have a sort of unrelated question to your topic.

I initially went with the Brighthelm of Justice too. It looks great on the armory and really matches everything. But in practice... it's gray. When you're physically playing the game, it's much darker than the rest of the set and looks dumpy.

Does that bother you at all? Because I just couldn't stand it, personally.

Here's a link to get you started - look at the yellow/gold sets and see what you can find!
You stole my name, almost.

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