5.4 Destro Stat Priority (Gems/Reforges/Gear)

Hey all --

First time poster.

While it largely seems smartest to spec Demo for 5.4, I've only recently got into the ~*real swing*~ of Destro and am loving it. That may change once I log in and toy around, but, for curiosity's sake:

a) how much slower is it to gen Embers now that RoF has taken a beating?
b) is stacking mastery the way to go still?

My ilvl is 530 or so and I am generally/currently reforging:

Hit -> Haste
Crit -> Mastery

So that my mastery sits at about 105% buffed. I'm not currently gemming full mastery in incorrect gem slots as I've seen some Warlocks do.

Any insight would be much appreciated, as I'm not only new to the class but comparatively to the game in its entirety.

Thanks in adv.
Ember regeneration seems just fine even with the small rain of fire nerf, seeing from the battlegrounds I've done so far today. Stat priorities didn't change since last patch, from my experience in both pve and pvp it is
Destro: mastery>crit>haste
And also I recommend you use Archimonde's Vengeance, it's a free overall damage increase because you now have two charges of dark soul, I think it's more useful than using incinerate while moving.
Unfortunately I dont think the issues with Destro damage show until certain ilvls. In pve it was falling behind 530ish... As raiders get gear we shall see how bad it really is.

I know you were speaking from a pvp perspective...just thought I would throw in some pve 2c =D
AMR doesn't agree with mastery. it says Hit > Crit > Haste > Mastery

And that says UPDATED FOR 5.4

AMR doesn't agree with mastery. it says Hit > Crit > Haste > Mastery

And that says UPDATED FOR 5.4


its values still assume low geared GoSup. As you pick up more gear you'll notice haste outperforming crit even with GoSup, and with even MORE gear, mastery will outperform crit as well. I feel like it's something zooper's been around the lock forums noticing but I can't quite remember. Either way, its updated to 5.4 sure, but it's not entirely accurate when it comes to how geared you are or may be.

So in other words, so much for AMR?


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