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I've been looking at the different armor models for casters and plate. Why are there only 2 skin models for Plate armor that looks like kilts/robes (T2 and T8 skins)? I honestly believe that you can add aesthetics by placing a new person with the transmog and void storage NPCs. I don't expect ALL plate to have a second skin added for it, just the plate armor that have Int/Spr on them (not including the <random enchant> armor pieces). Another option would be to change some higher level sets, say 65 and up, to have 2-5 extra kilt/robe models. This could add a whole new aspect to the game.
I've seen a few chain armor sets with kilt/robe looks to them, the skins could probably be used to make kilt/robes for plate. I just think it's not fair that leather and chain have more options for transmog than plate wearers.
Any other pallys out there agree with me? Please keep this thread going, show your support for the Kilt/Robe Plate sets
...t10, t12, t16, Malevolent, and recolors of same? There's more than 2.
:points to his xmog:
But u guys know what I mean. There needs to be a few more choices. 5 is nice, 7 is better. Just asking if we can get a few more options.
Tiers 2, 8, & 10 are the only kilt/robe sets (+ their recolors).
@ Nimaj - that's the T2 recolor set. One of those I listed originally.
Tiers 2, 8, & 10 are the only kilt/robe sets (+ their recolors).

(Personally, I want better robe geometry, which hopefully will be possible with the updated characters models coming eventually. The current robe model is baked into the character model, which is why the geometry is the same for t16 as for t2.)
Ok, the site I was using didn't show t16. Nor did it show the malevolent set. I still want to see more choices that are easier to grab. I've been looking at the shaman earth shatter set, that would be a good x-mog if chain could mog to plate. Can we get that skin but with a golden glow instead of the red lava? That'd be cool.

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