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So i've been playing since vanilla where i made a shaman(i raided mostly so i was thrown into resto spec and stayed there until wotlk where my account got hacked) and cata i made a shadowpriest and been playing him until i made my hunter(always had one just never max'd one to end game) So i know alot about range and healing...but i've never experience playing melee.

So basically w/ the lack of shadowpriest love, i'm thinking about turning him disc/holy, keep playing my hunter and make a melee to play on when i'm cap'd for conquest/partners arent on to push rating(ignore mine now deleted teams and stopped doing rbgs when heard xrealm for arenas was happening)

sorry getting to the point, i really have no clue though which one to play, i kinda have X'd out enh shamans, feral druids and monks (even though i've seen some bamf ferals and monks in arenas lately) and kinda have it narrowed down to Warrior, Ret paladin, and DK(didnt add rogue cause i feel for a beginning melee may have a little to much to micro manage, but i dont mind)

basically if could give me some pro's con's on the three classes i mentioned above(or argue how feral/monk could be an option) idk why i want to play them but here's a few reasons why i would want to correct me if wrong please

warrior- seems very group dependent(i.e. healer), and seems fairly CD dependant(but most melee seem that way kind of)

Ret paladin-same thing w/ cd dependent, not sure if i like the offensive every 3 min then play defensive while wait for cd's

Dk- DoT based class and i already have a shadowpriest, and if go unholy i really dont want another pet to manage, also i hate the change they made to the rune regeneration(but something prolly just have to get used to)

basically i want a beginner melee friendly class, just something that'll be fun to play considering i'm still going to play my MM hunter and try Spriest(prolly end up going heals though :( ]

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