Soloing Yogg-Saron problem

So I enjoy trying to solo old raids. I know hunters have soloed Yogg before (in fact it was done back in Cata so it should be 'easy' for today's hunters), but I am having a serious problem dealing with phase 2. In particular I end up losing about 12% sanity per second any time I am not inside a green beam, and this combined with the fact that I get picked up by tentacles and yanked out of the beam makes me end up insane. How are you supposed to deal with the insanity in this phase?

I have to say I absolutely love the fact that this boss is designed so that no matter what gear you have, you still have to deal with mechanics. I wish more raid bosses would be designed with such interesting skill checks...
I've managed to solo it at 85 but with 4 keepers though, I reckon 3 should be pretty doable even at 85, not sure about 2 and below though.

Create a target macro for constrictors so your pet will kill it asap with Kill Command or Blink Strikes. When brain portals open you should be hovering around 30 sanity without using the sanity wells.

With Freya you should have sufficient time to get at least 65 to 100 sanity going into the portal allowing you to tank the skulls and get to phase 3 fast. Interrupt the corruptors as much as possible, one thing I found useful was to deter as soon as phase 2 starts when the constrictors pick you up while spamming pet macro. This deflects all the first round of de-buffs from the corruptors allowing you to zerg them down easy. Also a pet target macro could be useful for crushers to remove the damage de-buff since melee removes it.
With your ilevel, I would recommend trying Yogg-0 on 25-man. Use Feign Death to avoid the Psychosis. 10-man Yogg on any difficulty should be a joke. I have only done Yogg-0 25-man as a DK, so I copied a description from a hunter solo on Youtube.

Fight Description:
Phase 1: Easy.
Phase 2:
Macro to Blink Strike constrictors, then targets corruptor or crusher if no corruptors are alive. Feign Death @ 28 sanity sometimes stops Psychosis spam, Silencing Shot 24 sec CD, Corruptors spawn every 25. Crusher should be dead once third Corruptor spawns (it barely is in the kill). Second Crusher should have black arrow when entering portal. Portals sometimes spawn before 4th Constrictor, sometimes after.
Icecrown is best vision to get, but even with that I got a 4th Corruptor upstairs because of the 4th Constrictor. Another 600k to kill... I leave brain room with dots and pet up, maximizing time to clear tentacles before phase 3. I outrange pet when it's in brain room just before phase 3 so I can resummon without having to cast a long dismiss. Pet tanks remaining Crusher to prevent -20% damage debuff.
Phase 3:
Maximizing dps on Yogg, even to the point of turning between Lunatic Gaze ticks - required to beat soft enrage. I Cower with pet on first beacon wave to survive with it, as well as tank a few adds myself which despawned once I feigned. Even if they didn't, they wouldn't get the heal which would mean my pet would take less damage.
2nd beacon wave I have Shell Shield and Last Stand. Cower comes back up as Shell Shield is expiring - pet barely survives. I aoe once beacon HoT is gone.
At third beacon wave pet can't survive. I move it away from Yogg so he doesn't get heal and nuke the rest down. Nitro boosts to kite, deterrence to tank adds with back turned to Yogg while DoTs finished him.
Well, several tries in, I finally got it so I could enter the brain room with 24 sanity, and the rest was trivial. I'm sure I could easily do it on a higher difficulty too if I can keep the sanity because in terms of dpsing him down I killed everything pretty much instantly.

But I am still confused as to what I did differently that kept her from psychosis spamming me to 0 sanity like she did the first times.

Eventually I'll try it on the higher difficulties but there's a pair of pants I want for xmogging that only drops on 10N...
It really is a little RNG depending on corruptor casts and tentacles spawn.

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