Warriors going to be strong in 5.4?

Thinking of rolling one
they certainly won't be FOTM but go ahead and roll one if you want. We're getting many changes that will improve the class.
yes, TSG is incredibly easy to push high rating next patch
I think I will roll one. I know they are going to get stronger in PvP , but how are they doing raid wise?

Also what are the best professions for warrior to take?
idk about Pve

I like BS/tailoring, and eng/tailoring

are all good profs. for warriors but you can take whatever you'd like, the small buffs that profs. grant you aren't the best. I would recommend Mining/JC so that you can just make your own gems since they are costly on the AH.
Thanks Half. Going to go roll him now.
This flavour of the monther is going to be very disappointed.
For professions, BS/LW is the best for tanking. LW provides most stamina/STR you can get with its bracer enchant, though BS/JC is also a strong combination. If you dont have a lot of gold to drop on professions, any of Half's will work
Thanks Kyungwha.

Mining lol

BS/Eng are currently the best professions for a DPS warrior.

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