Ret pally dying so fast?

Wow, lot of... "useful" feedback here. Anyhow, OP outside of just tweaking your build some (most of what was said above is pretty much spot-on), you're probably still going to find that you get mowed down pretty quick.

Even at lower MMRs, people prioritize Rets as their main targets. Our bursts are game changers and we very nearly rival healers in our utility to a team (offheals, Hands, etc). Further, they know that you have that delicious Divine Shield that they're going to have to deal with, and the incentive is to make you pop it early and fast to get it out of the way. Nothing's as frustrating as going for the winning blow only to have a Ret bubble and spam Flash of Lights.

So, you're likely still going to be trained and still die pretty quick. Don't have the expectation that some glyph and gem changes will immediately fix that. The only real answer is experience. You'll get better at kiting, LoSing, identifying enemy cooldowns and just... really, getting better.

There's no substitute for honing your skills.
First things first, DON'T be that guy thinking you can roll Ret and be the easiest class in the game. It's nowhere near as simple as that.

Use the environment. You are the best melee class for kiting, period. It's better you take 0 damage rather than take a little less damage with Divine Protection and such. Use pillars to stop Mages from casting at you.

Your heals are very powerful (even more so on allies) but they aren't the kind of heals that you can throw on yourself while taking a crap ton of damage. You aren't a Feral Druid, kite and heal it you are getting focused. Don't use your bubble unless you know you can't get away to heal.

Hope some of what Roahin and myself said helps.
I run double ret in 2s (logged out in holy gear last night so I could spend the rest of my conquest points on the healing sword) with a friend for kicks and usually 9 times out of 10, I'm the focus target even though we are both in full Tyr. He has a bit more HP because he enchanted his chest with stamina, so I think that's why I usually get focused first.

When that happens I usually try to kite and use my CDs defensively with my CCs. Sometimes it works out because while I'm being tunneled, my partner is taking chunks of their life bars away.

We've been stuck hovering around the high 1700s and anytime we actually break 1800 we're taken back down. We were gonna see if we could make it to 2k, but there's so many disc/x and hunter/healer teams out there. But it is what it is, 2s isn't balanced anyway.
as much as I like clemency for an extra dispel/bop, the new unbreakable spirit is pretty great: 30 second divine protection, usable in stuns, or is up for any deep freeze (!). the old version required spending holy power to lower the cd, but now its just 50% lower cd. 30s divine protection, 2.5 min bubble.

combined with self/off heals, and near constant DR from the tv glyph, things are looking pretty good to be honest, especially with the unbreakable spirit buff. thats 10 seconds of either 40% magic DR, or 20 magic/20 physical if glyphed, every 30 seconds. pretty significant, since it will be a little easier to survive cooldowns, without waiting a long time on defensives.

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