The Cloak: spec I play or the one i rock?

After that grueling quest chain, i've finally finished the Celestial Challenge and am ready to pick up my cloak, but now that i'm here i've suddenly realized that i hadn't really put any thought to which cloak i'm getting.

Thing is, i play ret and holy both, and keep a full gear set for both, and i'm honestly not sure which spec of cloak to pick. I spend pretty much all my time in ret - i quest in ret, i do scenarios and dungeons in ret, i noodle around and rep grind or farm things in ret. But i raid in holy, because i'm actually pretty good at healing - not, like, AMAZING, but i'll generally be in the top two or three healers - and my raid DPS is just middling-fair.

So obviously you guys aren't me and don't have my play experiences, but if the choice were yours, would you pick the spec you play the most but are just okay with, or the spec you don't play as often but are good at? Turn a lot of okay into pretty good, or a little bit of very good into great?
In 5.4 they won't be unique anymore so you can have both. So for the remaining few days until then just grab whichever you plan to use this weekend.
Are you sure about that? I would very much like to believe you, but i'm not seeing anything on the patch notes.
It's not in the patch notes, but:


You can see that the 5.4 capes are unique to themselves instead of across all of the capes, so it only prevents you from having two copies of the same cape. Also:

The legendary versions aren't unique at all, and you can upgrade them right away, so even if the epics were still unique across all of them you could upgrade one, buy a different epic, then upgrade that.
Cool, thanks for the info.
There were old blue posts about it.

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