Timeless isle and Vendor parking (omg!)

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Alright I'm not sure if its just my server, or the heavily populated ones... but I have a problem.

All the quest givers related to timeless isle and ESPECIALLY the vendors... theres like 40+ people with mammoths parking ontop of them making it impossibru to use.

What gives?
Easy little workaround is to bind your Interact key, which is normally just right click of course, to another key, such as ` That way you can just /target them and hit your new interact key, and it'll be just like right clicking. BAM! Problem solved.

Also, don't know their names? Find someone who is targeting them and hit the button to target your target's target (not sure if bound by default, mine is F), and then do the above.
................and then there's the furniture to get 'stuck' behind

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