May be it's just me (Burst)

But everyone talks about Ret Damage - I don't see it, unless someone/something allows me to keep Guardian up long enough to get 20 plus AV/HA I might down a healer who hasn't peeled me and is terrible - but I'm not hitting anyone for over 80K. Ever.

Am I wrong?
Well I hit this boom kin for 101K in a duel the other day with my TV but that was with EVERYTHING POPPED.

Without cool downs you won't hit hard like the other classes.
Guardian will stack to 20 purely off his own attacks, and guardian being up is part of proper bursting. You should be able to coordinate with your partner to set up a good opportunity for doing it, not just hoping for the best.

Get TV's so big your battle healer has a 53k overheal.
I cannot give you an answer :/ I have hit a 134k, or 13_k a while ago, in the same gear I'm currently using. I would suggest not popping all of your other CD's until GoK is stacked up pretty high, it's a waste to have all CD's on one button.
I would suggest not popping all of your other CD's until GoK is stacked up pretty high, it's a waste to have all CD's on one button.

It's actually really bad, especially in pvp. If you use guardian at the same time you hit your other CDs you basically blew your strongest 10 seconds of guardian. It's fine in pve if you have sanctified wrath since AW lasts the same duration of guardian, but if you have HA, you need guardian out for about 10 seconds first, for proper burst.
ret burst is one of the stronger CDs in the game. outshined by enh / ele shamans and maybe mage.

also you are probably not keeping inquisition up which is also important in pvp to do damage.

and also why are you gemming straight haste? don't get it.
I usually find that my full burst either kills a PvP target, almost kill its, or rips through is entire arsenal of absorbs/defenses. Either way, they're weaker because of you.

It's easily shut down, but if you play with people who know this and CC/dispel for you, it's not as bad.
It's there, perhaps you are not utilizing it properly.

Like everyone says, let your King go solo for the first 10 seconds. At 8-9 seconds after the King is out, make sure you hit Crusader Strike for the +1000 pvp power buff from your pvp 2 piece, then I do: Hammer of Wrath, Templar's Verdict, Crusader Strike, Templar's Verdict, repeat this until your burst is over.

For maximum effect, toss them in a Hammer/Fist of Justice stun just before you hit AW/HA to really get their panties twisted. If you're blood elf, you can also Arcane Torrent right after the stun for 7 seconds of zero heals.

If you can catch them in a rebuke first, do that, then pop cooldowns, then stun after the lockout period ends, then silence and ain't nobody gonna live through that without huge peels or massive cooldown useage.

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