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We can easily fix this people. Nesingwary has run out of big game. Next expac, you're questing along and then bam, there's a spear tossed at you. It's a quest starter. Simply states someone chucked a spear at ya. After more odd events through the zones, always random, you finally kill the elite that goes after you and in their pockets is a piece of paper. Nesingwary has put a price on your head. Time to have a chat. Then you have to go through and try and outsmart his cronies while they're trying to get a piece of you. You never know when they'll show up. They'll be the true gankers of WoW. Only way to make it stop? Find and kill Hermit Nesingwary.

You know....I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he did eventually try to come after your character.
It could just be a random event that could be triggered on a low RNG that spawns an npc on your current location. A patrol path isn't exactly random now is it?

The issue here is that NPC respawns literally happen in the exact same location as the spot they were killed in before. The character is moving, and the coding can't compensate for it. That's typically why you see packs of mobs just standing around in dungeons/raids unless they're on a 'preset' path.
Yeah I agree more danger. Games dont have it anymore since original EQ.

Instances killed the genre. Still fun but not nearly as exciting.
Buff fel reaver, whale shark, and Storm giant! Increase their aggro range!

Are you insane???

Roaming packs of murlocks with lasers on their foreheads.

Yes. The forums are insane!
You know....I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he did eventually try to come after your character.

He SHOULD be coming after us. For real. Who helped him in STV? We did. Outland? Was us. Northrend? Yo. Pandaria? OH hello.

We took down his big game for him. The supposed greatest hunter of all. It must be slowly twisting into his ale-adled mind now. He got competition. He has us as competition. We are starting to take over his title. to go.

In the end. We get a title after dealing with the rage fest the fights will be. The title will simply be 'The Hunter'. Flavor text on the achieve should be Highlanderish. There can be only one.
Did you really make a sharknado reference? -10/0 for that
I really miss group quests. Back in endgame wasn't the sole focus, leveling was actually a pretty fun and engaging experience.
And big invisible tigers!

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