Human Racial benefits?

Hi guys, I love doing pvp on my Ret, especially 2's arena amd BGs. So should I race change to Human for an extra dps trinket? How much dps I'd gain if I use that extra dps trinket?
On top of the trinket racial that has its amazing PVP use, other benefits of human are:

  • You won't be an ugly Draenei anymore.
  • The Expertise racial isn't garbage compared to Draenei's hit racial.
  • You should be able to buy pieces that keep your hit rating under control even as a draenei. I know humans with a sword/mace can stay really close to 3% expertise.

    It's a gain in damage to be human, but the gain just isn't as significant as you're going to want it to be. Human racials are better for ret than draenei.. but racials just don't make that big of a difference except at the highest levels of play.
    In 5.4 you get 10% dmg taken reduction for using pvp trinkets. That means that humans/undead will no longer be using pve trinkets so basically you have to decide if having the proc and the use pvp trinkets is worth it.
    lets be real, no one takes a male draenei seriously

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