Fury/Prot Warrior LF 5.4 raiding guild

Fury warrior looking for a guild to raid with in 5.4, I should be able to make raid times as long as they're in the evening/night. That being sad I haven't raided this xpac at all ( you can probably tell by the gear ), I used to raid pretty seriously in previous expansions so I know what to expect and I know what should be expected of me. I am willing to tank, but as you can tell from my fury gear you can imagine what my prot set looks like..( it still needs a couple pieces )

Feel free to message me in game if you have any questions or reply to this thread if you're interested, thanks all
Experiment IV looking for some dedicated melee dps for siege of ogrimmar expansion if your interested and can make sundays and mondays 8-11 server and flex raids tuesday thursday 8:30-11:30 you can message me in game or visit http://experimentiv.enjin.com/ and fill out an app. Thanks.

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