Grand Pandaren Treasure Noodle Cart Kit

Does anyone know where to get the 25 man version of this? We completed the quest line and it stopped only giving us the 10 man =\
There is no people limit on the carts as far as I know.....Also it's not like a typical feast you actually have to pay for a stack of 5 noodles....I came here wondering if I actually get the gold or if it's just a money sink kinda thing....
Yep they changed it so the 10man carts sell 5 to every single person who buys the food, So basically the carts are infinitely more efficient than personal 300 food. You don't get the gold however lol.

I set up once in shrine and once right outside the instance before raid. Only burned through 3 carts in a 4 hour raid, granted we didnt wipe much lol.

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