Timeless Isle for Level 90's or 85's?

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LOL timeless isle hand me my a%$, its refreshing to know that not only did I eat the stupid humble pie but so did all those people whose skeletons are lying all over the place. I like that WOW manipulated peeps into team work to survive or not...Its a great place for someone like me with ADHD to never get through because i see something else blinging and i wonder what was that? what is this? How do i get that? Im just having fun for a change.
I actually took my lvl 88 druid out there with a 90 friend. Why you ask? So I could farm coins for ToT since its the only way to get them now.

Sure i ended up with a few crappy 496's to get me in the door, but they are horribly optimized, and I will probably look like a fool in ToT LFR
So seeing that there are lower levels running around gaining 496/535 gear, and that there is no flying again in a Pandaria area after buying Level 90 flying, I am curious.

Is the Timeless Isle aimed at Level 90 mains/Level 90 alts, or Level 85-89 alts who are gaining up to 535 gear?

When the final Deathwing raid was released, were there level 84 players entering with better gear than 85's, or did they hit 85 first?

Im looking at this new Isle, seeing lower levels, seeing Max Levels not flying, and am wondering, are we level 90's meant to be carrying these lower alts or?

Entry level into Pandaria at Level 1 and levelling via Pet Battles near the Shrine has finally been nerfed with Garroshs Heart Drop, but, really, 85's in the Timeless Isle? Where does the line get drawn?

Any thoughts would be welcomed?

Hey yesterday I saw a lvl 70 belf priest trying to get in on the rare ship. Doubt they could get a hit in for gear or loots but it's funny. Don't pay attention to lower lvls there it isn't hindering your game play.
My main is at 546. I've obviously put forth a bit of effort. The gear that is dropping is not meant for her or her two friends the hunter and the shaman. It's for the distant cousin paladin and druid who badly need a catch up mechanism since doing the Isle on three toons is already difficult. More than that and I'd probably never sleep.

Also, I have not noticed any sub 90s. It would seem that the aggro radius of a level one should be half the Isle. I'd think that they'd have to corpse run "everything." That would get old really quickly, 535 gear or not.
Drkweedgnome I agree with the very vague vibe of your post however I am REALLY struggling to follow your logic. Timeless Isle is just a fun way to get some gear and unique items. As people have already said here, the gear isn't exactly spectacular. Looks, stats, gem slots and the overall item levels are well below average, not to mention you don't get any set bonus or anything. Also from the isle ALONE it is pretty hard to top the i500 mark unless you are really lucky with the burden drops. The work you put in to this Isle can have very diminished returns which IMO balances the whole patch "catch-up gear" concept.

Now as for lower levels thing... I really don't understand what your problem is. They can't equip any of this gear anyways and by time these level 85's isle "intruders" actually get to 90 you should have run a full set of weekly raids and gotten some better gear than the isle has to offer.

I must admit I did take my level 85 alt here and farmed a few eerie crystals to get my crystal of insanity (a must have). It was a fun little adventure but frankly farming here on an 85 seems like a very unproductive use of my time since my main has already farmed several base BoA sets for all my alts. An 85 should level as fast as they can to 90, use the timeless BoA sent from your main (one item i535'd with the Blazing chest burden) and then start raiding.

Drkweedgnome you need to spend more time raiding and less time eye-ballin the Timeless lowbies and furrowing your brow in forums.

I think what he is saying is that players spend months gearing up for content and see their time as wasted when a player can go from 450i to 500i in five hours. The incentive to work for progress is removed when those that do not have to work for it are rewarded equally.

It's pre-raid gearing. Pre-raid gearing has been easy ever since gearing for the current tier stopped requiring gear from the prior tier.
Why does it bother you how someone else plays the game? I will never understand that unless they are specifically targeting you and causing grief. Its not like the timeless isle rains magic 535 gear from the heavens above. Hell my shaman probably spent about 20-30 hours in the isle and got all of 1 burden of eternity and thats the guaranteed one. Mage is sitting now at about 15 hours and still only 1 burden. The fact is there is a lot of rng there. How random joe shmo gears up doesnt bother me because its about my toon gearing up.
I think what he is saying is that players spend months gearing up for content and see their time as wasted when a player can go from 450i to 500i in five hours. The incentive to work for progress is removed when those that do not have to work for it are rewarded equally.

First few quests in new expansions always end up replacing gear. This is just a little earlier than the next expansion.
Thats actually a fantastic point as well
I've had my husband bring his priest out there sometimes since she (the priest) was 87. She isn't rolling on anything against anyone or taking anything. She just heals me and that's nice. Husband finds the place boring so HE doesn't care to do it often but I never thought anyone would actually care how we spend our game time.
OP is a troll. Cliffbreaker Pauldrons

Says clearly :

Requires Level 90

535 gear from Timeless isle is mostly junk anyhow, and if a level 85-89 manages to survive long enough on the Isle to acquire Burdens, then grats to him. Now he gets to level to 90, use them and see he wasted them because he got "of the Unerring" gear with it.
It's junk to people who do group content but it's great for solo/duo players like me :)
I was guilty of this last night, tackled fatigue to make my way to the isle and did a lot of sneaking around. Can't open any chest, however I can kill non-elite 90s and pick up coins from nests and so forth. My current ilv is 404 and I can dmg rares, the ship is my favorite since ambush+cloak and dagger positions me perfectly where I don't take dmg or get knocked back. With those coins I buy keys and open chests in the treasure cave. I managed to get 5 pieces of timeless leather that I look forward to putting on and doing 90 heroics.

Thing is, spending the time to farm them now is no different if I spent the same time farming at 90. In fact, I'd probably have gotten those same pieces faster at 90, but I wanted to challenge myself now. Either way, I would have been there farming gear.
I took my lvl 25 druid to the isle and got a burden from the dread ship. Getting past the fatigue zone is easy with the Anglers rep mount.
I flew some 85s to timeless isle and let em loose.
Oh no, people unrelated to you are doing things that don't effect you and gaining items that you don't even see unless you inspect them.

Blizzard please do something!

QFT -- because what someone else does in game (that isn't breaking the rules or just done out of spite) does NOT affect my gameplay.

Personally I think everyone should go to Pandaria at level 15 (with a 90 to fly them around of course) just to interact with as many factions as they can in order to get an early start on gaining that rep via dungeon runs. I have a few low level alts that have done this .. it greatly helps.
personally. I don't care what anyone else is doing. if I spent time worrying about what others were doing/getting i'd not get much done.

I only worry about what I can do to improve my own gear.

I have the satisfaction of knowing I busted my !@#$ to get what I got, and didn't have things easy.

thats just me though.

What he said! I mean seriously why do you even care about others, now that's a waste of time.
I keep forgetting to bring my level 50 priest in on Ordos kills :(
I leveled from 87-90 on the Isle after having visited it each week since 79. Easy when you know how.

It was hilarious seeing people whine and complain about me even being on the Isle at 79. Especially when I won a PvP belt off the Celestials.

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