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Please help me understand. I keep reading that Timeless Isle is great for gearing alts. Is Timeless Isle kind of like the Barrens? I don't need gear that's below 500, so it seems like I'm running around a lot and killing things, but I don't see the benefit.
The tokens that drop give 496 gear and are bound to BNet account, so they're great for gearing up alts quickly. HOWEVER, with a Burden of Eternity, you can upgrade the tokens to instead give a 535.
There is nice gear on the Timeless Isle. If I can avoid accidentally getting flagged for pvp by the griefers there maybe i can get some.
Farm the tokens on a geared toon of the same armor type, mail to brand new 90 alt...insta iLv 496. I've seen everything but necks and trinks, no clue if they're there. Think I picked up almost 3 full sets of cloth tokens in a couple hours of rubber-necking, doing initial quests...

While you're there, killing mobs, bosses, finding chests, you also pick up coins, that can be used to buy tokens to upgrade the gear to 535, and buy other pieces of gear, like 535 trinks, toys, pets, etc. No rep grind involved, find a spot, open a book, mindlessly slay mobs...
Trying it with this lowbie alt and it's hell.

Mobs are very tough and tend to have a 1 shot avoidable attack. Which is great fun for people to drag onto you.

There is a ton of griefing going on, and it's very hard to tell whether or not your faction has anything tagged.
If you prefer LFR, then ultimately there isn't any benefit apart from some cosmetic stuff. You can convert the loot you get there to lvl 535 using the Burden of Eternity, but it will be randomly itemized (for your spec,) so unless you luck out on the point distribution a LFR 528 item from the Siege will probably be better for your character.

The other incentive for people at your level of play is getting lvl 496 items and mailing them to alts to turn them into a whole suit of 496 gear in a very short period of time. If you don't have any alts you'd like to gear up fast and you enjoy LFR, you can safely ignore the whole island.

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