Rogue-ing Up the Timeless Isle

I duno about you crazy people, but I had lots of fun last night poking around in the Timeless Isle. I just tossed up a bloggy about it (, but wanted to ping y'all to see what fun things you've had a chance to do on the island so far that most other classes wouldn't be able to do (or would have a lot more difficulty doing, anyway).

For me, the coolest thing was discovering that I could use my legendary daggers to sneak into Ordon Sanctuary from the back -- and loot a big ol' treasure chest with one of those upgrade-your-gear-to-535 items in it.
Sneaking around up near Ordon and checking out the court yard near him and not aggroing all those elites up there. I didn't do much exploring last night was working on getting my cloak more than anything. Will be exploring more as it goes and think I might actually bring my legendary daggers with me to have a good way to slow fall since I don't have engineering on this toon. part of me regrets not getting engineering on her....
I've been flying with my dragon wings all over the isle. and I've been enjoying hitting my Censer of Eternal Agony and sneaking around killing flagged guildies and whatnot.

Feels like old WoW a bit!
Uhm. You can be a rogue and not have engineering?

Don't get me wrong, this sounds like I should bring my fangs to play with two, but only so I have double glides.

Really looking forward to getting home and getting some time in. This working out of town when the new patch is released is seriously not ideal.
So much gankage so little time (with censor).

Now this makes me want to finish the quest line for the cloak from wrathion. Only did two of his quests and got a by bored. But now I have motivation again lol
That item that turns you hostile against your faction along with everything else is to die for. It was truly meant for rogues. The amount of fun i had last night killing horde and alliance. Me and 3 other rogues were in a party ganking every player in sight no one was safe and no one knew where we were for all they knew they were our next target. I really think Blizzard got it right with this island it's fun, i earn rewards for killing people, I get cool visual items, and the island itself is spectacular and is truly a job well done. I must give my kudos to Blizzard.
What rewards do u actually get for ganking people there. I haven't done it yet but seen heaps of ppl grouping for it. Dono what it's all about.
It awards "Bloody Coins" which is just another form of currency to purchase items.
You earn ... blood coins or something that you can use to by some sweet stuff.
I'm just liking some of the crits I'm getting under buffs on the isle. As sub I've pulled a 541k eviscerate crit off with the 1 hour buff from the isle (CoH 8k agil) + vicious talisman + windsong and other opening sub buffs. This is just on mobs unfortunately, I'm not sure that kind of damage is going to be inflicted on players.
There's a mount that you can buy with the coins (a mushan, I think) along with four or five other things.

Word of caution to those of you in groups with someone who has a pet: I was grouped with a friend, a blood DK, who was doing the PvP thing while I was elsewhere on the map. I went back up to give him something and one of his pets (some kind of Zandalari thing, I guess from a trinket like the gnomes from Bad Juju) targeted me, which flagged me for PvP as well.

Moral: If you don't want to be flagged, drop group.
I used the, fly / fall method to get into the lake up there and sneak in and nab the chest.

I've never been more thankful for Stealth than I was last night trying to get my mage in there to get that friggin chest, I finally gave up.
Cloak and Dagger is the easiest way I've found (besides having some freefall item or the legendary cloak itself) to get to ordan sanctuary. There's a dragon you can hit in between the pool to the right of ordan sanctuary and the sanctuary itself.
There's a vendor on the isle that sells a glider item for timeless coins, so I guess it's not that surprising that there are places where gliding comes in handy.

Would be nice to be able to save the price of the glider, though.
That 500 Bloody Coin mount sucks
Bit of a necro but I've been having a blast destroying people on the timeless isle. It, along with Hellfire Peninsula seem to have become the go to pvp zones in WoD, Seriously hellfire is like wow's afghanistan. Anyway I feel like I missed out on alot in MoP as I didn't do a whole lot of pvp and tended to get ganked on the isle when it was current.

With Chi-ji buff plus sleeper sushi, flask, rune, double dps trinkets and a mastery buff I have had dfa hit over 300k on season 3 geared players, killing people in a cheap shot never felt so great :)

TL;DR: If you're bored with WoD and have a sub rogue with some decent gear, head to the timeless isle. Its the best.
Not sure why you got downvoted; you knew and stated that it was a bit of a nero, but I do agree some of the old content is a ton of fun.

Did you get to experience Tannan Jungle while there were still people questing in it? It was like Vietnam, the action was mental! Then the dragon slayers no longer needed as much from it, AND flying came about, and that was all she wrote.

The terrain was amazing, the zone was stellar, hell a lot of the WoD stuff was amazing and very well drawn; pity the expansion had no good content, or the content was too easy and so people blew through it so fast that they all quit. (seen a little of both).

Best of luck man, and +1 to counter the -2 that you have.
This thread hurts my soul. 2014 was the best summer of my life. All I did was farm coins on the isle. The entire server hated me.
Timeless Isle was the pinnacle of this game for me

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