5.4 Frost Mage PvP Guide

Its clear now with the new gear that all the people complaining about our damage as Frost in PvP have disappeared. Our damage right now with a single damage increase proc is equivalent to that of 5.3.

Interesting for ive seen some high rated Frost Mages take Blazzing Speed or the double Blink glyph against specific comps.

Would like to see a minor cast time reduction to Ring of Frost. For as of right now it is primarily being used as a cornering mechanic in Arena. Though doing that may make it OP for Rated BG's.
Spamming FoF procs into a Deep Freeze/Nova is a waste of procs. Specifically if the Mage has the time/ability to hardcast.

If you took the time to do the math you'll understand this. The Ice Lances into a Deep Freeze is a baseline 90K damage (30K each). In the meantime consuming your FoF procs.

Hardcast Frostbolt (30K with 20K Icicle), hardcast Frostbolt (30K with 20K Icicle) and FFB from BF (30K with 20K Icicle) into a Deep Freeze followed by two Ice Lances from FoF procs (30K each with the stored 60K Icicles) equals a grand total of 210K damage compared to your 90K damage.

Thats not even taking into account you LB and Orb ticks.
09/11/2013 10:51 AMPosted by Mahdii
Frostbolt with FFB (BF proc) into your pets nova. Acquire another BF proc,

Sounds like your method depends on frost bomb? Otherwise how do you "know" when you will acquire a BF proc? I use living bomb ATM.
^, from the first sentence of the first post:

Baseline abilities (excluding talent selection) for maximizing damage:
Icy Floes

That Dispell
My comment would be that it takes a very skilled warrior to beat a competent frost Mage 1v1.

Many of the analysis above are correct on paper, but you have to be a sharp cookie to implement then in a fight.

The warrior tends to get rooted in place like always.

Its when you add the arena partners that the warrior shines. And this season, shine they do.

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