5.4 Holy Paladin Stat Priority? PvP

Been gone for some time, skipping out on 5.3 quite a bit, so with not knowing too much of 5.4's changes, I've learned we've gotten an overall improvement which I love to hear.

However; my question leaves me wondering if the stat priority for pvp is still spirit/intel/crit/haste or what have you.
Is pvp power/resil worth anything this patch unlike 5.3?

What stats and tips do you have on 5.4 pvp with a holy paladin!?
Are you kidding me? Nobody ever responded to this thread?
Hahaha, I asked the same thing even more recently on this forum. I never really got an answer and ended up running Intel>Crit>Mastery>Spirit>Haste.

Now I changed it to match a glad Holy paladin I saw on arenajunkies - http://www.arenajunkies.com/user/183082-summy90/. Now it is Spirit>Crit>Mastery>Haste. It just happens a lot of Spirit gear has haste so it is kinda meh, but you take what you get and reforge.

I think the reasoning for Spirit>Crit>Mastery>Haste is because you can then use Flash of Light a good deal more in 3s and RBGs. That means your less likely to be punished for not getting any Divine purpose procs and infusion procs. You also then generate holy power which means more instant cast heals and higher chance at Divine purpose procs overall. I found I only lost about 3% crit and 6% mastery for 3.5k spirit. I am going to replace my crit trinket yet with a Spirit one so I will prolly lose 5% crit and 6% mastery for 5k spirit extra spirit overall.

I have found it fairly decent. Its biggest weakness is when you are getting hit a lot so you have stupid knockbacks that give a greater chance of being kicked/mindfreezed/etc. It is great with Devotion aura though and its glyph for a time when you need to spam Flash of Lights on yourself or a partner for fast healing and it is then more forgiving than a low spirit build.

The crit/mastery build was great for when you needed large heals on yourself when being focused a lot - such as double dks or warrior/dk or something like that. I found you will get few heals off, so that mastery shield can make a huge difference, as well as getting that infusion proc.

As for tips?
xYou can BoP yourself or partner in a stun
xYou can use hand of sacrifice to break frost trap (I usually stand on a partners pet to eat traps for me), poly, and hex.
xIf your partner is a DK, running through desecration with a melee on you is a god-send, it even hurts Burst of Speed rogues.
xTry to rely on instant casts all you can and remember to fake cast. Getting and addon for knowing you successfully Juked is great, you don't want to guess and be wrong.
xHand of Freedom and Speed of Light is amazing for getting away and saving a bubble - especially when you pillar hump with it.
xFinally, Pillar hump like a pro, we have almost no way out of cc besides a trinket and bubble, so watch for casts like poly and hump that pillar. You want to save those hands of Sacrifice for when you need to stand in the open for a kill or if you will need to do heavy healing while casting for awhile.
I shouldn't let you all in on my little secret... but I will.

But anyway, here's the thing. Spirit is now almost completely useless as a Holy Paladin... I mean, it's not "bad" by all means, but I would advise against reforging into it, or even gemming into it (except for blue gems, where Crit/Spirit is fine).

My Holy Paladin has 26.1% crit unbuffed, with 18% mastery unbuffed. Do I go OOM? I haven't yet... and I've played more than a few 15 minute 3s games. Usually I end the game with 150k+ mana without drinking.

51.1% chance to crit Holy Shock? Yes please.

Just saying... you all don't know what you're missing.

Crit > Int > Mastery > Spirit (but don't reforge out)!

Also, Divine Purpose is Garbage. Holy Avenger is where it's at.

Thank me later.
i was always told to reforge spirit>mastery>haste>crit, and to gem spirit, think i would be better off changing to one of your guys stats instead?
Yes crit is awesome

Crit> mast > haste >. Get more spirit of you go OOM ! Use the hell outta our fear and have fun !
Look at the top tier paladins if you want to know what stats to choose.

I stick to reforging crit from anything but spirit, and reforging spirit from anything but crit.
What is the stat priority from Int to any secondary?

Is it 2 to 1 or 4 to 1 or something else entirely.
It's quite an old thread, but still I want to reply. It depends mostly on what are you doing on pvp, and your group. If you are playing 3v3 or 2v2, you will need spirit depending upon your dps, if they can burn the oponent's healer, then go more crit and less spirit. If you go RBG, you will probably need a little more spirit. I would not recomend to go over 9k spr, I personally believe that if you are getting out of mana with 9k spr, then check your rotation, it's probably because you are casting very expensive spells. All good healers I know in pvp don't have over 10k spr, so, it's mostly up to you.
I am doing 5v5 to help some friends get conquest cap, and I can solo heal if they burn them, and I have reforged to full crit, the first haste cap (3506) and the basic spirit amount to use illumination glyph (5250) and I can burn heal them even when they receive a lot of damage from 4 dps. I won't lie, I end up spending almost 60-70% of my mana at the end of the fight, but noone dies, and I still have mana regen cd's
You want high spirit because many battles in higher rated RBGs are very bursty. The top 2 H paladins in RBGs atm are running a high spirit build. The others are running a lower spirit build, but they likely have a boomkin to give rejuv and a resto shaman for mana tide totem.

In RBGs H paladins go through mana like water because H paladin's niche is heavy single target healing which is what you find a lot of in RBGs. You will use a lot of expensive heals like flash of light because they give easy holy powers and do heavy healing. The crit many of them stack help with juking and getting an almost guaranteed cast once every ~12 seconds with 25% crit.

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