Timeless Isle - Blazing chest: No Cloak

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It is possible to get the Blazing Chest from up near ordos with no cloak. This chest contained 2-3 timeless pieces for me, plus a Burden of Eternity.

This is how I did it (in a group):

Caught an albatross near the celestials.

Flew up to the other side of the broken bridge, then jumped down.

Worked our way through the adds around the outside of the courtyard, and into the area with the chest. (note: the Ordos High Priest is a nasty mob, but skippable)

Looted chest:

Also, my fellow Engineers! The same bridge the people with the fancy cloaks jump across, use your fancy cloak and glide your way to the green patch of land on the left... with a bit of jumping you can get up there even easier!
You can also buy some gliders from a npc near the 4 world bosses.... You go ot the end of the map until you can fly and go up and up then go forward and pop your glider and open your map and head to where it is.
On my server several time a lock makes a group with 2-3 other cloak users at min and goes into the corner of the room n summon everyone to it, clears adds give ppl chests then disband, But I guess the bird method might be easier for most.
You posted a neat little guide to a nice reward that can be done for all of the toons on your account, but left out one little tidbit that will make the trip way way easier:

Before you start doing ANYTHING, sit at the Horde/Alliance camp, and pull Ancient Spineclaws near a guard and kill them til you get a Scuttler's Shell to drop.

Then wear that for the buff, to greatly decrease your aggro radius. NOW go do the steps you detailed in your post =p
I sold grips across the bridge for 500g. Made over 30k the first day.

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