Prot Pal replace glyph of battle healer with?

Holy Wrath? I'm not really excited about the other major glyphs aside from focused shield and alabaster shield. Do sha puddles in Immerseus count as aberrations?
I'm running Word of Glory, because if I have to keep EF as a maintenance buff then I might as well get some extra benefit. Hand of Sacrifice looks useful too, but it strikes me more as a glyph for ret and holy.

Focused Shield, Divine Protection, Holy Wrath are situational as always.
As Choz said WoG seems like it might have some nice synergy considering EF use, its wierd that Theck didn't mention it on his post on maintankadin, though.

Hand of Sac seems like it would be great for He's desperate measures so situational.

I would say general use Holy Wrath or WoG sounds best.
...does "friendly target" include us?

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