how to get to timeless Isle?

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I forgot to get the flight path while I was there, now cant get there, is there a way for people who forgot to get the flight path?
and yes I did the quests yesterday, just forgot to talk to flight master to unlock it
Try going back to Chromie and see if she can give you another clock. Other than that, you might have to submit a ticket to get it sorted out.
Yep Chromie had nothing for me, why blizzard would you make it that we HAVE to unlock it after going there, should just be automatic. Now my character cant even get there to farm anything..... Blue post you out there?
You can just fly there. I'm a cheapo and manually fly there everyday instead of paying the flight master.
The SFAs are not ingame GMs, you will need to submit a ticket.
Like Khalash said, you can just fly out there yourself. You should make it before your Fatigue bar runs out.
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even with slow flying? i dont think i would make it
even with slow flying? i dont think i would make it

What's the harm in trying. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
even with slow flying? i dont think i would make it

How slow? I just tried with 280% and made it without any trouble. :)


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150 flight speed
Got any warlocks in your guild? I'd imagine there are enough of them already on the isle to be able to summon you without much trouble.
For that matter, you could just hitch a ride if anybody in your guild has a 2-seater mount.
You can still make it. Just keep an eye out on the water for the shallower parts.

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