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I've used 75+ keys, and gotten 2x burdens (got crappy items) and 1x Bonkers. At least Bonkers was an S/S breed.

I still want a P/P breed one though.
I'm just hoping you don't care what breed you get. When I finally got mine he was an S/S. Not exactly what I was hoping for.

As for number of keys, I'm not actually sure. >.>; I went from about 30k coins to just above 8k which would be around 40 keys, but that isn't counting all the coins I was getting from the chests that bought me another key. I'm just going to throw out a number and say 50-ish.
I got him after about 50 keys. I think just about everyone I know has picked up a Bonkers or two by now, it's a pretty good chance per box.

Keep at it, he'll turn up. He's a great pet, too.
I got it on about 50 keys.

Just keep opening any chests you like.

Something many people don't realize, the chests give back about 400 coins on average so in the long run you use very little coins on the keys and can open a lot more chests than it 1st appears.
Was lucky to get him on 15th key and got a breed P/P
Disappointing Bonkers cannot be caged but many of the other new 5.4 pets can be. I have looted several and it is annoying that I have to destroy surplus, rather than cage for sale or gifting...
I'd been having no luck at all with Bonkers since patch day. I was running around, killing stuff and skinning what I could, picking up ground spawns like crane nests and killing rares for coins. I'd go to the cave and buy 4-6 keys at a time and open chests. Rinse and repeat. I looked at WoWHead today to see if he came out of a specific chest, like the big shiney one behind the monkey after I saw someone open it and wait for it to respawn to open again. Site comments said it's just random. Tab back into the game and 2 chests later, I got him. RNG is fickle to say the least.
I've taken 8 toons to the island so far. 9 Bonkers...but I've gotten around 30k-50k coins on each of them. I've been gambling in the treasure room for Burdens and it was a happy surprise the first time.
Finally got him last night. Spent, 20k coins, opened one chest with 10k coins in it, got 3 burdens, and at the end of it all I had 1.5k coins left.

Any Luck Lex?
I got him on my first try I guess it was luck
I believe I got mine around ~120. I also used 160+ keys and still not a single burden. RNG is evil.
. RNG is evil.

Not for the guy in this thread that got bonkers on his first try :)

but it was pretty evil for me.
I got him after about 50 keys. I think just about everyone I know has picked up a Bonkers or two by now, it's a pretty good chance per box.

pretty good chance isnt good enough with my crap luck
Any Luck Lex?

Not yet! Hopefully today with grant me that awful monkey. :P
Ive gotten 6 out of my first 70 keys if only i could cage them and sell
OMFG >.< Make this damn monkeys cageable already *throws computer out the window*

I kid you not, I am the only one in my guild who does pet battling and collecting seriously and I am pretty much the only who one can't get the damn thing even after investing thousands and thousands of coins.

I have purchased 10 keys every day since the start of the patch. Once the 10 keys are done, I buy more with the coins I get from the chests until I finally get down to zero and then I camp Garnia.

A least 20 or so keys every day for six days. No freaking monkey but my alts are geared! Yay?


A guildie of mine picked up 8 bonkers within 20 minutes. The guy has some crazy luck.
I feel you Hina.... on both counts.

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