Celestial bosses, how does tagging work?

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So yesterday I dropped in and tried to help fight these guys. I know for sure my faction had them tagged, but they stayed gray the whole time and I got no credit for the kill and no loot.

Gave up, did some other stuff. Then later in the day I logged in, not in any group, not even in the ring where the boss was. I was standing around the edge where the vendors are and saw a fight in progress. I targeted the boss and it was green. So I jumped in, smacked it around, and when it went down I got credit and loot.

So, what the... ??

I thought it was like the other world bosses, if my faction has the tag I can just wade in and hit it and it'll turn green and drop loot for me. Has not worked at all so far for the Celestials. And how I got it the one time I did is a mystery as well, boss should not have been green to me when it was.

Also apparently armory or something is all screwed up, none of my mains are showing up to select for forum posts. The Worgen that's selected is a really old alt that I haven't touched in ages, and there's one toon in there that isn't even mine at all.
I tagged Chi-Ji yesterday and did 500k damage. I died and was still at the shrine outside the arena when he went down and I got tier 16 leggings. Every other time I've fought them and haven't gotten a thing at all. I don't know how it works really.
Its faction tagged. If, However they are gray to you than the other faction tagged it. Don't waste your time on it.

You can only get loot 1 time from all 4 bosses so killing 1 for a week will be enough.

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