The Secret Ingredient Is...

Bug Report
I got in the scenario and had absolutely no buttons. So, I logged out, and then disabled my addons. I re-entered the scenario and had the appropriate buttons. Here's the problem, the scenario won't allow me to click on half the patrons. The responsiveness is really hit or miss. I, finally, called it.
I tried disabling all addons and no luck. Anyone else have this problem?
I spent about 15000 Gold leveling all this Stuff for the quest line and I'm going to delete my account if this doesn't get fixed
I find the scenario itself just ambiguous. It tells you that you can tell what noodles they like to eat by their clothes. But they'll eat any and all noodles I slap in front of them, and seem to progress at the same rate. So I have no clue what the hell I'm supposed to do to get through them quick enough.
I am having problems targeting patrons in this.

Some can not be targeted at all.

Some require 4-5 clicks to target (and of course you fail if it takes that long.)

Sometimes I have one patron targeted and the soup is thrown to the wrong patron.

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