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I recieved some loot after killing a rare (Huolon) on the Timeless Isle - Quivering Firestorm Egg.
I head over to the Arboretum to turn it in, as it states on the description, and the Elder doesn't respond when I try and talk to her about the egg. Just offers me a daily. This is coming from someone exalted with the Order... I logged over to a character that hadn't started the dailies before, and still nothing. What is the point of this egg?

It gives rep.

Give it to a alt that isn't exalted and try it.
I've read that its for Cloud Serpant rep.

But if you're exalted or haven't started the rep it won't work
Ah, right! Thanks guys ^.^
I got it and dropped everything to go find out what this 'extremely rare' account bound item could be. I was so excited. I couldn't wait to parade around my new extremely rare mount or pet. After I turned it in I could hear Blizz in the background, "YOU GOT PUNK'D!"
Having six of those eggs makes the trek from Revered to Exalted a complete joke.
I agree totally. But, if you're already exalted the mystery is a joke.
Those things may be the consolation prize but I gladly accept them
I had five which if you have guild perks and you champion Order of the Cloud Serpent you get 5500 rep instead of the standard 1100 for the onyx eggs. I boosted one of my characters to 90 and when I went to the Order I handed them in and was already a third of the way through honored. I did all the dailies until you can collect onyx eggs and made it half way through revered then I just needed 9 onyx eggs, which I farmed 12. So within 15-20 minutes I was exalted. If you have alts then those firestorm eggs are a freaking blessing.
With the commendation you can buy and guild rep perk, you'll get 2200 rep per turn in :)

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