Ret paladins

I even used Long Arm on Ji-Kun. It's a strong talent.

The best place for Speed of Light for me was the tornado phase on Iron Qon, thanks mostly to our raid not having a warlock. There's also some debate as to its usefulness on Lei Shen. I would stick with Long Arm but if you're in the group that has to go cross-corner on the first phase change, it's really good.
I usually have gone with Pursuit of Justice, myself, but Long Arm is fantastic in nearly every situation for closing a gap or getting the heck away. Speed of Light... eh, I've never really seen where we would need a sprint in PvE. Seems like you give up great passive speeds to be a sparkle ball.
AMR, Noxxic, and IV are all pretty terrible, somehow. EJ is where it's at.
IV's actually not that bad anymore - at least for Ret. Looking at it week before and week after patch, it had not been updated at all in 5.3, which means for at least three months its rotation recommendation was wrong.

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