Am I the only one who likes Timeless Isle?

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Went there today, and I'm loving it so far. At first, I got my !@# handed to me pretty readily. I grouped up with a couple of guildies and we got stuff done. We killed a bunch of mobs, quite a few rares and had a merry old time. I've got a good set of gear now (All timeless armor except for helm and shoulder), 6.5k coins and I'm up to the kill 5rares quest.

I'm honestly having quite a bit of fun on it. Short of those trying to solo it, I don't see the reason behind the qq over it.

I'm having fun with it.
It's fun when all the yaungol aren't tagged and you actually receive burdens of eternity. Other than that not much to do other than run around hoping to tag a mob before someone else.
I enjoy it
I like it, lots of little things to look for...and oo the challenge to complete rolos riddle ...freaking birds
If it wasn't an outdoor lag fest on my server I might enjoy it. More stuff needs to be instanced imo.
Nope, I'm enjoying it as well, the wife & I log our army of alts 2 at a time & run around getting all the chests, quests & rares. Between loot frenzy & everyone teaming up to take out the rares/Ordos, it's pretty good times.
Enjoying yes, but I hate not being able to use a flying mount or flight form.
I am loving it.
No daily quests.
Lots of mini-pets.
Lot's of world PvP.

Yes, I like it.
I would like it more if the damn cloth chest would drop...

I enjoy it.
I would like it more if the damn cloth chest would drop...

I enjoy it.

lol....i would enjoy it more if the mount would drop. 11 kills and counting...

A map of all the chests for ya. I've only done like 12 of them and I've got nearly a full set. I'm hoping to get a tank and DPS set for myself.
I love it. I can't believe there are people who can't find things to do there. WTF?
I'm enjoying it greatly
You are not alone. I wouldn't be surprised if the at least 75% of the community loved it. It has minor flaws, but they can be overlooked. We got a lot of attention from this patch, so I'd say we got some subscribers back.
I very much enjoy it. That might just be because it's new, but I find myself (willingly) spending a lot of time there.
Am I the only one who likes Timeless Isle?

Based on the 20 some odd threads saying "I like TI," not likely.
I love it.

I wish I wouldn't get ganked so much so I could explore a little more, but that's the breaks on a PVP server.

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