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i cannot play the game without professions vault, i am so crippled. this needs to be addressed before players like me quit over it.
We are aware of this issue. I currently do not have an eta for a fix but I will update you as I get more information.

Sapperwix: Thank you for officially acknowledging the issue, and please continue to keep us apprised of progress. Feel free to contact me directly if I can provide any further information or assist with testing (contact info in next post).

Also, if you can provide ANY insight on the planned course of resolution for this bug in the hyperlink handling, it would REALLY help the addon devs prepare (especially if another change to the hyperlink format is being considered). I'd like to expedite any changes that will be required on the addon side so all of these wonderful users can get back to using the UI tools they love as soon as possible!
Please fix the TradeSkill hyperlink. I use it daily and rely on it.
Thank you for the reply Sap.

The lack of consideration on Blizzard/Activision's part towards it's customers is getting to be a pain in the [removed]. ALL the players I know have more than 1 alt, most have at least 10. To do away with the ability to keep track of all your alts & their pros shows a lack of consideration for customer service.

Sometimes I wonder if the game programers even play WoW.

I am going to cancel my recurring payment, if this is not fixed by the time this months time runs out I will NOT be renewing my service. There are other games out there to play.

Blizzard is working on a fix for this, there's nothing more you can ask for. If the only reason you're playing wow is the satisfaction of viewing your alts' professions, then I think you should definitely find a game that you enjoy more than that. Blizzard acknowledged that they are working on it, and blowing things out of proportion with comments like yours doesn't help get the issue fixed any faster and ends up derailing the thread for people like me (and the vast majority who have posted thus far) who truly care to see Blizzard implement a fix.

Back on topic, thanks a lot for the response Sapperwix - very glad to see this being worked on as somebody who's addon heavily depends on it. By my somewhat-informed guess at why this was done, I'm sure it's not a simple fix.

The Blue did NOT say "working on a fix for this". The reply was "aware of the problem". Two different things.
This need to be fixed ASAP i have way to many toons to keep track of and profession for that matter via altoholic and professionvault!
It's an addon, with every patch addons need to be updated...Why is this the only one that seems to be complaining about it?
It's an addon, with every patch addons need to be updated...Why is this the only one that seems to be complaining about it?

I think you skipped over the first post of the thread. It explains clearly why this isn't an issue of an addon being updated for a patch.
every time u have a patch , you screw something up. this profession vault is a fantastic add on. i love my professions and this is an easy way of looking at all my toons to see who needs what or what level they are at...PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE....thank you
from what have read this add on cannot be updated due to the way wow has scripted something in the patch, so in other words this add on is useless with out it. wow needs to fix this problem so we can continue to use this wonderful add on
Please fix this issues, its driving me crazy not to be able to see my other professions.
Going nuts without Profession Vault, was so nice to be able to look up alts or friends recipes in game.
We are aware of this issue. I currently do not have an eta for a fix but I will update you as I get more information.

Thank you so much for responding.

I'm an old woman. I play WoW to keep my brain active and to spend quality time with my 27 year old son who moved all the way to Chicago for a job. He has a very finite amount of time to spend playing...because he has an 8-hour job and about a 30 minute drive both ways. I can't tell you how valuable his time is and how when we can't access information quickly it makes playing the game torturous. His girlfriend had to completely wipe her WoW sub-directly off her hard drive and start over with everything and it STILL doesn't work correctly. She didn't even try to load add ons in. I've had disconnect problems ever since 5.4 was released and I had just fixed them with a video card driver update (there is no new one) before 5.4 was released.

When this happens, two different computers in two different states on two different operating systems, you know the code mechanics must have something to do with it.

I hope you won't take all the complaining negatively - if people weren't so passionate about WoW, they wouldn't bother to say anything at all, which leads to drop off. I really like a lot of the changes you came out with and thank you for all the work everyone did to make them a reality, but Dalaran just went down again for the 2nd or 3rd time since you included the updates. I know you'll fix it, but I hope you'll understand how really GOOD the game was when we could access that profession information with ease. There's nothing better than having a great game to relax with at the end of the day.
I quite enjoyed seeing what i could make while being on an alt, a reversion back tot he old tradeskill links would be nice.
I like my Profession Valt if you going brake my favorite addon make a in game version of profession valt.
I need my ProfessionsVault and Altoholic to work correctly again please.
Anymore updates ?
Adding my two copper to the request to fix the tradeskill hyperlink bug.
Please fix the tradeskill hyperlink bug.
I need my PV please fix the tradeskill hyperlink bug.

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