TradeSkill hyperlink usability degraded

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Blizzard - you made a step in the right direction by acknowledging you are aware of the problem.

Please now update us when you will be fixing this extremely debilitating bug.

The "round trip time" simply to find out if you can make something on a character other than the one you are playing now looks like:
1. Finding an Inn or City for the character you are on
2. Logging out (slower than ever since 5.4)
3. Logging on the Alt with the approp trade skill set (though maybe not the exact recipe...)
4. Logging out on the Alt (slower than ever since 5.4)
5. Logging back onto the character you were playing at the time
6. Getting them back to wherever they were

That takes a minimum of 10 minutes.

Do that six times in a session, not unreasonable as all the new gear coming from Timeless Isle, SoO, etc. has to be gemmed (one Alt), enchanted (a different Alt), etc. and you have lost ONE HOUR of game play!

That is completely absurd for those that maybe only have four or five hours in an evening in which to play.

It is already quite obvious that:
(a) The ppl that should be reading the PTR bug posts (where this issue was clearly flagged very early) obviously are not doing so,
(b) The QA team have a complete lack of understanding of just exactly what a mess this unnecessary and unwanted change has caused,
(c) The ongoing frustration caused every single time this game is played.

The community needs more focus on this right now. We need to be kept informed about progress and have a timeframe clearly identified and adhered to with regard to a fix.
Please fix this! I'm having withdrawal symptoms from my altoholism :(

Cheers :)
Yeah, im here to voice my disappointment in not having PV anymore =[

its the only addon I REALLY love. I have 6.5 90s and I just finished my last 600 prof. I have an alchemist of each mastery and each of them gets certain recipe drops. It's not worth the time trying to keep track of them now.

I don't wanna have to or ask tradechat every time im curious about the mats needed to make something.

I really set up all my alts based on that huge database and the ability to check out my profs from any of my toons.

just really bummed with the new system QQ

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