Please oh please oh PLEASE, Blizzard, make the Gulp Frogs on Timeless Isle tameable!
Yes, please do! They've been showing up as Dire Beast summons - along with the enormous snakes - and it really makes me want to have them both as pets.
I third that, the giant frogs are awesome.
And let them keep the 10 stack instakill :)
09/11/2013 09:22 PMPosted by Eroicej
along with the enormous snakes

The snakes got nerfed. :(

"Dire Beast should no longer summon snakes that were larger than usual while on the Timeless Isle."
Frog Campaign 2013

Give em spell haste!

I know I can't petition so....

Yes please. There's a few i'd actually like to see implemented, dating back to WOTLK even. The Staghorn for one. MoP holds a few too, the beavers would be nice too.
The frogs would be awesome! I think the skyscreamers would make for some awesome exotic pets too.
All for the frogs but the pathing on those stupid. I watched one on a retreat clipping the ground like mad yesterday. I can only imagine the QQ from us when one of those snakes clips into an area where it gets stuck on a raid boss. BM hunters would freak the most as their DPS plummets into the depths of the abyss while they're dismissing and re-summoning the snake only to see it happen again and again and again...

But the frogs are cool. :)
No. Hydras first.

That is all.
We have been asking for tamable hydras for years. Blizz doesn't care what we want to tame. We ask for beavers and they give us porcupines.
I suppose this thread!! ^.^
I can already see alot of pet frogs named "Rash", "Pimple", and "Zitz." XD
Because it would be awesome they probably won't do it. =(
I'm naming mine mello. Shame if we did the stackable insta-kill isn't learned.

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