Patch 5.4 Review: Not good for Blizzard

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Insane to allow a war of all against all on Timeless Isle on PvP servers. Super-poor design, especially in light of 5.3 throwing world PvP out the window.

Timeless Isle seems boring to me. It's like, here's a bunch of free gear, kill critters in your spare time. It's like a Nesingway Safari daily with less story.
09/12/2013 02:29 AMPosted by Jokaste
Makes sens that it was locked: threats are not allowed on these forums.


There's nothing wrong with negative feedback People give negative feedback everyday in threads that are not locked.

The problem is that most people who give negative feedback do so in a very scathing and non-constructive manner.

Correct. Blizzard requires you to be smiling when you give them the finger. It makes them feel better.
I have loved wow up until patch 5.4. What a waste, first of all weeks prior to this we are all busting our bums in the barrens weekly trying to get 489 gear, had I know that 496 gear was gonna drop like flies with the new patch...I wouldnt have bothered. Also, I have pretty good geared toons...not the greatest, but they do ok. A island basically full of elites?? what were you thinking....the repair bills are insane...I'm a GM and I give out a substantial amount for guild repairs, with this new patch it's sucking me dry. Don't feel it's right to punish my guildies, because of a crappy patch.

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