Secrets of the Empire ToT LFR Droprate 5.4

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Now I know that these are a random drop rate so there is no need for this to be mentioned again in this thread.

I also believe that (much like Titan Runestones) there is a guaranteed drop from Lei Shen.

I only picked up the quest last week and had a total of 9 Secrets after a full clear (compared to others I believe I have been quite lucky). This week I have done the first 4 of SoO on flex and acquired another 2.

However since patch 5.4 after a full clear of ToT LFR the only boss to drop a Secret of the Empire was Lei Shen. I have read many other posts of people mentioning the same thing. Can you please confirm/deny that the drop rate is currently bugged?

N.B. I have NOT done ToT on normal/heroic for this lockout.
I only got the one from Lei Shen as well. Good to know I wasn't the only unlucky one. I hope the drop rate is bugged because if I am only getting one after a full clear I will never catch up.
A simple search of the forums for "Secrets of the Empire" and sorting it by date show that a lot of people are experiencing the same thing. Given the overwhelming amount of people experiencing this I think it should be addressed as a bug.

Any sort of confirmation of this being an issue being looked into or any sort of response at all from Blizzard would be fantastic (if not a little bit surprising).
I've been stuck on 17 Secrets. None dropped in all of ToT Lfr for me this week. I didn't even receive the one that's a supposedly guaranteed drop from Lei Shen. I put in a ticket hoping they could look into it, and received a reply about something else entirely - how the Satchel of Cosmic Mysteries works....uh, thanks Blizz. I realise they're probably inundated at the moment, what with all the other buggy things myself and others have been experiencing since 5.4 went live, but it's rather disappointing.
same for me, the week before the patch i got 4 with a full clear of ToT LFR, this week with patch only Lei Shen dropped one. i would hope bliz would remedy this and/or up the drop rate as the timeless isle has so much content around the legendary quest
It could be that the drop rate accidentally got reduced on them. I got one off of Lei Shen and one off Horridon. So one that wasn't guaranteed. Given that all of you didn't get any it's possible I got really lucky on an accidental reduction of the drops. Or we are just seeing a pattern where there is none.
I also experienced an unusually low drop rate this week. 2/15 bosses done.
I seemed to get one only on the first boss of each wing of LFR this week, which is quite the improvement over the 16 in 4 months I was sitting at. Now to start on those accursed runestones next week.
started last week got about 8 of them luck maybe get 2 or just one.
cleared few wings tot lfr none droped
Same problem on my hunter. Just ran a full ToT Normal and only got a single secret from Lei Shen. This is pathetic, I hope it's a bug and going to be fixed soon :(
I have had the same problem on my hunter. What I am seeing is they are only dropping off the end boss encounters. So I got one off the Council of Elders, then again on Le Shen. I also got on the Sha of Pride in the Siege of Orgrimmar. I know getting these cloaks should be difficult, but at this rate I'll be getting a green cloak from a new expansion that's higher ilvl than the legendary before I get the legendary...

I didnt was so unlucky, but i dropped 3 on SoO RF, none on Flex and just 3 on ToT RF =/
Had the same problem. Did all of the ToT LFR and only had 1 drop from Lei Shen.
i got 8 tonight off 10 bosses on my mage :/... thought drop rates must be super buffed so googled it.

prepared to get 1 off 20 next week.
I'm currently at 1 secrets of the empire for 8 bosses killed. Will update once I totally finish LFR.

Edit: 3 secrets of the empire for a full run of Throne of Thunder LFR. Seems like a few people with bad luck and not a bug.
Ah yea...Did normal TOT just now and got 8 secrets. I can confirm that the drop rate is just random. Doesn't seem to be a reduced drop rate. But remember, you can only get secrets from Normal OR LFR, not both soa full clear LFR before normal/heroic means you won't get any from normal or heroic. GL everyone, im on 18/20 :)
Just ran ToT LFR all wings and only got 1 off Lei Shen. Am I just experiencing bad RNG? 1 per week is gonna be hell playing catch up for a legendary cape.
Same thing last week. 12 bosses. 1 secret of the empire from Lei Shen...
Same thing. Last week (week 1) I received 8 secrets/20 kills (ToT clear + SoO wing 1 & 2)

This week I've won only 3 secrets / 20 kills.
Drop is negligible, full TOT got only 1

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