Warrior DPS + Proving Grounds

Figured I'd start a discussion on this since I've given endless 2 or 3 good efforts.


Anyways, here are my particular notes:

Fury is completely worthless for this. I couldn't beat wave 3 burning full cooldowns on the virmen. It just wasn't happening.

Deep wounds OPness is the only way we can beat the DPS checks on 7 of the 10 wave types.

Bladestorm is a requirement for 3 of the 10 types. Avatar is better for wave 10 (this is a big deal) but bloodbath is overall better because of its short CD. Stormbolt only gets it's boost on the Sha bosses, but you shouldn't use that as arms anyway.

3 minute cooldowns are obviously needed for waves 5 and 10. You may be able to shirk off using them on wave 5, but The only "hard" checks for warriors are on waves 4, 7, 9, and 10.

Speaking of which, berserking crates (+30% dmg) spawn on waves 4 and 6. They persist for a very long time. I personally used mine for every wave 4 and 10.

I'd be hard pressed to believe that any warrior can beat wave 50 without extreme luck, due to the nature of arms' lack of burst. I beat the wave 40 burn check by roughly 2 GCDs with an ideal lineup on my JiKun feather, berserking crate, storing up a full rage bar and a CS, and every offensive CD otherwise available. Obviously the check is easier as fury, but you probably wouldn't have the time between waves 9 and 10 to respec in that regard.

I feel that the playstyle to get to and beat wave 30 is very counter-intuitive to arms play style. I had the obvious best luck by maximizing my mobility and rolling deep wounds on everything, instead of actually using rage to do stuff like Slam or OP. The main reason for actually utilizing my rotation was to hit the mogu defenders trapped in amber prisons to get them low enough to finish them with deep wounds.
They won't listen your complain about fury warrior.

This patch changelog proved my statement.
Thanks for this. I'll probably step in there this weekend, now that the raid week is over.
Endless wave 37 DPS / Endless Wave 27 Tank here.

I failed about 5 times before I even reached wave 10 on DPS, and the next attempt was my wave 37 one. I had more success when I'd just pop bloodbath / bladestorm on certain waves right when they spawned. Wave 7 / 17 /27 / 37 was -always- the hardest wave for me. I usually saved the berserker buffs for the sha waves.

I only did the tanking one a couple of times, but the damage was starting to get pretty ridiculous even in the 20's. The vermin bleed debuff and the monkey's fan of bananas are oddly enough what seemed to hurt me more than anything else. Both unblockable damage. =(
The tank challenge is remarkably easy.

Until your shield breaks. Sigh.
Does it really matter if we can't hit waves 50+? It ends after 30, anything else is just superfluous self measuring. I know when I hit 30 I just let the time run out because there's no point going on. I MIGHT have been able to go 35+, but why waste my time? The nature of the challenges + gear scaling only allows certain classes to perform in the high echelons, but for no further reward. I think a blood DK hit wave 103 or something, and hunters have reached wave 60+ IIRC. Hell, according to guildox, mages have been to wave 100.
I wasn't making a huge statement about ZOMGWARRIORSCANTBEATWAVE50. I was just stating that it's going to be nigh-impossible from my own experience. For what that's worth, some EU warrior beat it about 20 minutes after I posted this thread, so more power to him.

Of course, I could have hastily made that assumption using the ToT trinkets I have, leaving myself to such luck. I'd probably make an effort to get ones more suited for my needs in there, if I cared to that extent.

Either way, I take the overall leaderboards with a grain of salt. I only care how I rank against other warriors, since there's no way I can even remotely trump a DK/hunter/mage. Eventually every class has their glass ceiling.
Nigh impossible? I wouldn't say. I beat it w/200 food + flask and a bit of luck. If someone wanted to go harder, w/300 food, min/maxing gear a la CMs, and stratting out every wave (and trust me, in a month or two from now, a guide for warriors in PG will be out) it wouldn't be as hard. It's still hard, I barely made some of the wave 20+ DPS checks, but I wouldn't call it "nigh impossible" at all.

Maybe if there was a realm first FOS/title per class and spec, it might be interesting to see how far people can get. But otherwise, anything beyond wave 30 is just flexing. Maybe it's just me who thinks that, though.

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