anyone know how to beat assass rogues 1v1?

!@#$ is hard as %^-*. cant even get them past halfhealth, i die in less than 20 seconds
so this is how you beat rogues go to character create screen and roll a warrior gg profit
There's no sure way to beat any class. It depends on the other player's skill. Obviously, there are ways to counter but, they can just counter you back too. You will need to make use of every CD that you have and pay attention to dimishing returns and heal a lot. You'll probably have to use a good portion of your holy power healing yourself. When you get close or hit the stun dimishing returns, that is the best time to use your offensive cooldowns. However, you may need to use them in defense.

It may be worth just using Avenging Wrath and using execution sentence on the rogue to force him to use cloak + vanish. After he comes back use Holy Avenger and your Guardian of Ancient Kings. And heal when they are stealthed. And Kite when your abilities are on cd / to heal.

I also recommend using glyph of divine protection.

There's a lot to this fight but, you can get it if you practice.
Use Hand Of Protection when they open - use Eternal Flame to heal, and cleanse off dots.
Oh, and blow CDs and destroy anything in your way.
Game is not balanced around 1v1, blizzard says this literally every 3.5 seconds.
A rogue knows when they open on a Paladin that they basically need to have vanish. Hand of Prot will usually make them vanish for another opener. If you eat the damage they might vanish anyway to finish you off.

I like to trinket and immediately stun + pop wings as bait (not Holy Avenger), and that usually forces a trinket + vanish. When they open again (probably with silence), I use Devotion Aura and try to get them down with normal damage/kiting. Bubble is necessary to dispel and heal up, but I'm mainly trying to get them to pop Blind. After Blind, I pop GoAK with Holy Avenger and damage trinket for my real damage. At this point, they won't have their trinket or vanish, and both silence and stun will be on DR for them.

I try to get a kill this way, but if they are beating me on damage, I can Blinding Light to buy some heal/kite/dispel time, mainly so FoJ comes off cooldown I can finish them off.
Respec holy, and don't even let them bother you. You won't kill them.. but OTOH, they won't ever kill you 1v1. :D
sorry mate. As Ret you dont stand a chance in hell in a 1v1 scenario. They will control the fight not you. Believe me ive tried. Until they give us back stun removal rogues will always beat us

This. Lots of our attacks can be from a range. It's how I manage most other melee classes regardless of their spec. Close the gap only when using Crusader Strike, or if your health is high enough to use Templar's Verdict instead of using the Holy Power to heal when you're lower than 70% hp.

& Cleanse cleanse cleanse!!
Learn the ranged ret paladin rotation.

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