SoO LFR Gear Check

Hi guys,

I was wondering if I could get a quick gear check from you? How was my gemming and enchants? I felt my stamina wasn't high enough, so I went for more. I was getting eaten alive on some boss fights in LFR (which is all I do for now, just don't have the time for regular raiding at the moment). I know my dodge is real low, but didn't know how to correct it. So thoughts and recommendations are welcomed.

I am working on my legendary cloak quest too.

If you meet the minimum ilvl requirement, you're gtg.
You can replace your helm, chest, bracers, belt and boots and rings all with gear from the Timeless Isle which can be ilvl 496 or 535, depending on if you use a burden of eternity on it. As you don't have any set bonuses, it is the best thing for you to do. Also, stop using glyph of battle healer and swap it to either Avenging Wrath or Divine Protection, depending on the fight.
Also your dodge being low isn't anything special, the only thing we have that buffs it is dodge rating and you should be avoiding that gear as much as you can anyway. Take a look at our tank who has 60 more item levels then you and see the dodge difference.

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