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Was curious if anyone else has been having trouble with no rusher encounter in flex we seem to be doing okay in the 3-4 groups I've tried with but always hit the enrage timer
No rusher?

Explain please.
Haven't heard of a rusher
09/14/2013 12:59 PMPosted by Areies
no rusher encounter

Right there.
Autocorrect, I think.
Oh yeah stupid auto correct
I typed norushen and it replaced it with no rusher
Tried it with a group last night that fell apart after several sub-1% wipes. It's absolutely doable, just tuned really tightly.
It's really not tuned that tightly. It's just all about managing your DPS's corruption properly. We still had about 40s-1m to spare on our normal kill.
I typed norushen and it replaced it with no rusher

Oh. Right. Should have realized that sooner.

Anyway, it boils down to this.

Adds die first. Those are priority. Your best DPS need to go into the visions first. Tanks and healers need to pick up the balls the large adds leave behind. Eventually they'll need to go in too so they can pick up more of the purple balls for the rest of the fight. Healers should get them first since tank DPS helps significantly.

At 30% you lust and go nuts. Keeping the DPS alive is very important, so tanks need to stay on top of those adds. Keeping the raid together on one side of the boss helps with that so they're not spawning all over the place.

Other than that it's up to your DPS to bring it.
It's really not tuned that tightly. It's just all about managing your DPS's corruption properly. We still had about 40s-1m to spare on our normal kill.

Once we figured out that the tanks and DPS about to go into the other world should eat the explosions and not the DPS (seriously, sitting at 100 stacks for several minutes was frustrating), it seemed a lot easier.

I also felt important because I was given special instructions to never eat the explosions, and to essentially ignore adds sub-20%.
Probably to much dps on Amalg and not enough on adds. I mean sitting at 75% to 100% corruption means you should be attacking him right?

I looked at my logs after flex last night and 66% or so of my damage was done to adds. Why?

HOWLING BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DPS need to know how the mechanic works before they can kill the boss.

It's easily doable assuming the DPS doesn't go retarded and tunnel-vision the boss with severely reduced damage, and ignoring purple orbs that pulse and kill the rest of the DPS.
It is in fact tuned pretty tightly for a group with 522 gear (or worse). I attempted it with my normal mode guild group, and I thought we'd be able to carry a few extra derps since it was flex, but we could not.

We had 14 people, 9 of which were from our regular 10-man group that has no trouble with DPS checks. We were carrying two healers and 3 DPS and ultimately hit the enrage.

Make sure everyone is prioritizing adds. If they're not, the healing required goes up significantly. Also DAMAGING THE ADDS DAMAGES THE BOSS. I can't repeat this enough. DAMAGING THE ADDS DAMAGES THE BOSS. Look up Foul Link in the dungeon journal.

Getting the tanks purified can be tricky, because the one tank will pick up minimum 4 stacks of the breath in the time it takes the other tank to do his trial, and he'll be picking up adds as well. If your tanks are weak, just send them once at the beginning of the fight and no more. Definitely don't send them after 50% -- you'll need them both picking up adds.

My question is -- is it possible/advisable to stack up? Being able to use PW:Barrier would be nice.
we found that priority for purification goes like this first set 1 tank top 3 dps 2nd set 1 tank next best 3 dps 3rd set 1 healer 3 dps 4th set 1 healer 3 dps after 4 anyone with 100 corruption gets priority while the rest of the heals and dps get in when they can.

once your purified as dps your job is kill the boss. Don't attack adds and def do not pick up orbs. Corrupted dps kills adds and picks up the black orbs, along with healers. Doing this we killed him with 2 min to spare on enrage with a 23 person flex raid.
Less is better, is what I learned.

I did flex today with 10 people, total pug, no vent, we one shot everything. It was extremely easy.

The other day I was in a 18 man flex who was wiping to enrage, we booted 3 people - downed it.

Only bring lots of people to flex if everyone is geared, otherwise it just really hurts you.
I've done norushen flex about like 5 times now in different groups its easily doable by a pug.
Flex was never meant to be just faceroll the encounter it is supposed to be an easier version of a real raid, that means using strategy and having people at least pull their weight.

The reason it's easier in a small group too is because its so much easier for those couple people that are carrying everyone. You'll find that a lot of people who want to come along do less DPS than what people were doing back in MSV days in full t14 gear.
This fight increases in difficulty with the number of people you bring. If you bring a full 25, having 3 tanks helps a whole lot. Rotate them from boss, adds/orbs, test realm.

Also, it's important to send in your big hitters first. It's important to fit in a healer or two as well. Avoid sending in too many dps at once. Having the 3 bid adds popping at once with only one tank present is an ugly situation. You want to stop sending dps into the test realm between 40-50% Hero at 30%. Staying stacked helps with heals. I would recommend sending no more then 2 dpsers per round. Set up at least 3 groups in advance. It's a hard fight and definitely easier with just 10 people.
Norushen on normal isnt even that bad really. You just need to find people that will follow the fight mechanic. You need to do your test phase and kill adds. Soak some orbs avoid the cutter.

really not that bad. Save hero for 30% or so and at that time cut off people from going into test phase and burn boss.

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