Been camping this rare on and off. Wowhead is of little to no use for this guy right now. Anyone have any useful information for getting him to spawn. I need him and a few others for the Timeless Champion Achievement.
30m to 1h spawn like the rest of them.... just hang out - you'll see a pirate spawn and an event where you kill a bunch of mobs then Rattleskew appears.

Okay first, I want your achievement points. OMG.... and second one of the comments there said going on two. Its why I am so confused about this guy.
Just keep camping. It took me around an hour and a half. I camped it from the cliff at Firewalker Ruins so I could kill the two rares that spawn there while I waited for the undead ship event to spawn.
This one seems to have a longer respawn rate than the rest. Nowhere near gornodoodle though.
It spawned every 1 hour to 1 and half hours last night for me..I always knew when it was getting close. The ghostly pirate ship would be up, then within 30 mins the event would start to kill Rattleskew
the worst one is golganaar...

but the chance to win his prize is 1 in 5.
I'm almost to the 3 hour mark on current spawn camp
We did a test killing the big rock guys to spawn golganarr while we were doing that, he spawned about 30 minutes in. It could have been timing - who knows. I'm just glad I got all of my rare kill achievements.

If you need the item off of him, kill the big rock guys - they drop it too. I one the polished stone my first elite kill.
That huge rock... is so elusive...
That huge rock... is so elusive...

yes it is but he is not needed you can get the rare item he drops from the normal elite rock giants.... rattleskew is by far the worst rare on the island... out of 57 rare items his item is the only 1 I am missing.
he has a spawn timer from anywhere between 30mins to 3 hours and he dies in less than 2-4sec.
He's got a max 2 hour respawn when I often see him hitting on my server.
It's also an event like Zhu-Gon... adds will spawn, on the 3rd wave he spawns.

Nearly everyone on the isle has Rare Coordinator.... I'd just watch after the hour mark.... He might spawn after 30 minutes but I've never witnessed it.

I've killed him 4 times and I got the item that drops off of him so I don't really camp him anymore.

I've noticed even the 30 minute to 1 hour spawns can sometimes take two hours.

Not sure what's the cause or if people kill it and there's no notification - I think there's some internal timer that resets.
the worst one is golganaar...

but the chance to win his prize is 1 in 5.

That one was such a long fight. But then we had 3 shadow priests in the group so lol. 280m health is A LOT. Some other people finally showed up, even a couple of alliance (who got dead from errant AoE...sorry my bad). I got no prize. Glad to hear I don't have to kill him again.

My last is the monstrous crab. Been killing crabbys up and down the coast. Elusive as heck too!

one week edit: crab wasn't my last - it's Flintlord One-Shot-You. Got my OP rogue friend to come up...we died instantly like a bus vs. small animals on the road. Horrible time.

Maybe an Ordos group will accommodate me.
People keep saying he has a 30-60 minute spawn timer but I have yet to see him spawn faster than 65 minutes. I've been camping him for several days now trying to get the glyph and his most common spawn time seems to be right about an hour and a half. Twice I've had him run up to nearly 3 hours for a respawn.

Out of about 50 kills I've gotten Captain Zvezdan's Lost Leg twice.
Son, I need your luck. Ive killed them all around 100-200 times. And am only sitting with about 80% of the items.
Couldn't care less about the trinket, I want the glyph. On my medium to high pop server there is not one person on the horde that has it or at least none that are selling the glyph
I call bullcrap on this whole isle's drop rates.


Down to 12 items. I use rarity to track my kills of every item, per character using different profiles.

I have 100's of kills on each of the mobs I still need. The only exception to that would be spineclaw and the frolicker pet. The first couple weeks I didn't even realize that purple shard was an event and that the event could drop a pet. /facepalm

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