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Teron Gorefiend was not the first Death Knight created on Azeroth, he was the first Death Knight created on Draenor.

"Gorefiend, Gaz Soulripper, and the other death knights swore allegiance to Doomhammer and fought for the Horde where their powerful energies aided in many battles. When Gul'dan betrayed the Horde, Gorefiend remained in the service of the Warchief until he was defeated. Leading the death knights beyond the Dark Portal before its destruction, Gorefiend remained on Draenor until Ner'zhul, Gul'dan's former master, came to the forefront and united the remaining clans into the Horde of Draenor. Ner'zhul intended to open new dimensional gateways to other worlds, but needed powerful items to stabilize them. To that end, Ner'zhul sent Gorefiend through a reconstructed Dark Portal to claim two powerful artifacts required for his spell: The Book of Medivh and the Eye of Dalaran." - From WoWWiki.

Checkmate, Blizzard.
Teron Gorefiend was killed on Azeroth by Orgrim Doomhammer, and was revived into the body of a Stormwind Knight in Stormwind city.

No. Blizzard is right, Teron was the first Death Knight on Azeroth.
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Teron Gorefiend was not the first Death Knight created on Azeroth, he was the first Death Knight created on Draenor.

No he is not!

When Gul'dan recovered from his catatonic state and was on the verge of joining the Shadow Council in death, he "submitted" to Doomhammer's authority and promised to create warriors to fight for the Horde and counter the powerful magic of the humans. Doomhammer allowed him to live, to carry out this promise. Gul'dan took the corpses of the fallen Knights of Stormwind, and intended to imbue the rotting corpses with the souls of the Shadow Council.

Gul'dan created the death knights ON Azeroth.
Teron was made on Azeroth, not on Draenor. He went to Draenor and came back from it again, though.

Nothing in that passage suggests anything about Gorefiend's creation - in fact, the passage before that, according to WoWPedia, he was created when Doomhammer was in charge - notably, that would mean that he was created on Azeroth.
This passage suggests that Gorefiend traveled back through the portal to Draenor, where he met with Ner'zhul.
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