Start of the legendary cloak quest chain?

There is a prereq to get the quests on timless isle of having done the quest up that point. I have to do the Wrathion questline but I am not entirely sure where it starts.

Someone mentioned the quest line takes a long time (months) but I have to start somewhere and all the guides I saw only cover portion of it for 5.4 or 5.3 without mentioning what is required prior to that point.

Some of my searches were talking about Wyrmrest accord from ~2008 which I assume was a different Wrathion questline? Or do I need to start it at WoTLK.

Anyway, if someone could point me to the start I can work on chipping away at it a little at a time.
You might want to try over in the Quest forums or on a fan site like
Go to your shrine, there should be a NPC with an Orange ! over him, he sends you to Wrathion.
There's a great guide right here:
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It is the wrong forum yeah, but at the same time half of the Timeless Island is built around that cloak and the related quest chain. The bosses, the broken bridge etc.

It would be cool if Wrathion gave me a new 90 intended quest that sends me to the start of the chain or something or even a helpful tip when I talk to him there.

I'll take your advice and go to the quest forums though.
Here it is from the guide Pahanda linked.

NPCs in major cities in Pandaria will give you Stranger in a Strange Land, a breadcrumb quest to deliver Mysterious Note to Wrathion in The Veiled Stair. This is a small zone that can be reached by heading north of the Grassy Cline flightpoint in Valley of the Four Winds.

This is what I needed. Thank you Pahanda!
If you do not have the starting quest (Stranger in a Strange Land) the quest giver is in the North West of the Jade Forrest named: Cook Tsu:

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