hey! new to pally pvp

Hey just got to 90 the other day and picked up a few tyrn pieces but am in no way understanding the class in depth. I usually play a mage, and am finding the running-the-fuk-around-trying-to-get-behind-someone super difficult as most times ill face the wrong way and wont be able to cast. so my questions are:

1. is there an easier way to get behind a character to cast, or is it just practice?

2. useful macros for rets? i have my avenger and wings and hammer linked as well as hoj and new fear on focus macros but thats about it.

3. how burst on ret? wut is most optimal rotation of spells? it seems like to me i pop gaurdian, wait 10 sec, then pop wings macro and use TV every other spell, while using hammer on cooldown. but i have no idea if im doing this right. seems right to me, but fuk if i know

4. omfg the cc. all the cc. i can never get out of it. are rets just That easy to cc or wut?
so. bump?
!@#$in really?
As far as getting behind your target is concerned, I use a nostromo keypad for my gaming. I will strafe around my target in circles. If you are good enough, you can have them trying to spin and catch up. just practice. NEVER sit still if you can keep from it.

The only macros I use for my ret are my burst, and a focus Hand of Sacrifice. (my focus is my healer or partner). Other than that, I pretty much target and cast.

Your rotation should be something like this:

Assuming you have chosen Eternal Flame as your (75?) talent.

some will say use crusader's strike first, then judgment but if you are far away from your target... you'll want to judgment. sooo

Judgment > Crusader's Strike > Exorcism > Inquisition >
> Judgment > Crusader's Strike >(you should have been hit atleast once by now which will generate holy power for you) > Eternal Flame >
> Judgment > Crusader's Strike > Exorcism > Templar's Verdict
> rinse and repeat.

Basically, just keep inquisition up at all times as well at a 3 stack of Eternal Flame. Use your skills to gain holy power and Templar's Verdict when you can. DO NOT LET YOURSELF GET RELIANT ON YOUR BUBBLE. There are wayy too many paladins that are totally reliant on that ability.

during your burst, I would just cast what will get you your 3 holy power and TV as much as possible.
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I played with Selfless Healer since the beginning of MoP. I do love the huge proc heals we get with it, but from my recent discoveries Eternal Flame is far more effective when it comes to self heals. Before 5.4 was released the spell already did 100% more healing to the player when cast on him/herself. Now that 5.4 is out, we now get an additional 40% buff. I will get a constant 16k+ heal every 2.3 seconds. Plus whatever I heal myself for with Flash or a 1-2 HP heal from Eternal Flame while it ticks.

If you can learn to use it well, and play more defensively it is a game changing talent. I personally would never go back to Selfless healer unless it got a buff for self heals opposed to buffing heals on your teammate.

I have also found that I will crit the same, if not more than the selfless healer proc. Then there is the tick that follows =)

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