2200+ ret input on 5.4 and want your opinions

Hey there fellow Ret Paladins or Paladins in General! I played this season last season in 5.3 and just recently got my 2200 in 3v3's! Grats to me! However, I'm here to get some opinions from the last season coming into this one. Let me throw out some of my opinions off the start and then get some opinions from the ret paladin community. (also going to be giving my full input on Ret paladins from a decent rated pvp scene)

Further most into this thread I want to say I am fully aware that when fully geared in Grievous is when we are going to experience Rets at their finest this season. HOWEVER, as of right now I don't feel like Rets are going to shine like other classes because Rets have always been fully geared dependent. I'm hoping this changes with gear and we look a little better this season.

So let's start off with my little guide/opinion on Rets along with the changes.

Coming into this patch I was super stoked for this season like I'm sure all of you were with the new glyphs and everything else. Though, I'm not so sure as of right now with everyone scaling in dmg rets are even going to be that good! With the new battle fatigue and resilience buffs Ret's might experience these harder than most classes I feel.

Let's move onto glyphs for now before I sound like a QQ'r.
I love the new slow (Burden of Guilt glyph). It's a great thought by blizzard and I love it! But unfortunately I never really needed a slow to catch up to people. With freedoms then judgement. I always was able to stay fairly close or just seal swap based on what class I was fighting to keep up with them.
Another glyph (Glyph Hand of Sacrifice), I never really use my sac's to bring damage upon myself because normally it's I that is getting trained but I DO use it as a defensive for the times I'm not getting my butt kicked up and down the arena. Anyway, I guess I'll take it but never use it just in case I need to use it for that reason. (Maybe against Dot cleaves it will be beneficial?)
(Glyph of Divine shield) LOL! This is something I actually rather enjoy, because 80% of healers are priests it feels like and MD killlllss me so I might take this into consideration for more survivability. (plus everyone has a kind of dot now or over time dmg effect)
Now last but not quite least (Glyph of Devotion Aura) Now in my opinion only selfish people are going to take this glyph.. (and bad ones) As a Ret I use this to clear blankets for my healer, let him be able to free cast in dangerous situations, and have a wall for heavy dot cleaves when they are bursting, so in my opinion this is a huge NEVER use.
The other glyphs aren't really anything but you're more than willing to give me input if you think they're going to matter.

Time for buffs!
Inquisition lasts twice as long? Fine by me! I feel with this it may potentially bring (Divine Purpose) back into play. I feel this way in general because I was wasting the few procs I got to re up my holy power using this talent so we will see if it will balance the scale and possibly give Rets that more consistent dmg I've been wanting (being carried by burst kind of sucks). I'm going to try it out and see how it is.

Thank You Blizzard for the crusader strike debuff to players. It's actually really cool and I like the survivability factor especially with warriors looking so strong this season.

Now, this is something I'm going to be very shady about and that's the fear. IMO it's going to be very hard to use since Ret paladins are the norm kill target in 3v3 arena's, but for 2's I feel like it's going to be OP. We'll see though. (ret/rdruid) is going to put on a show.

What other buffs did we get? Oh yes! Guardian is now a 3 minute CD and the stacks are reduced to 12. I like it. I feel like I'll be able to get out a lot more dmg in arena's and that's very good for Rets. (Specially for those 10 minute games against !@# smh) (Yay! Portal Nerf!)

Last buff is the (Hand of Purity) I have reported to a GM about this issue with the buff not coming through quite yet, but then again I may have just been completely wrong about it. From what I thought we were gonna get a flat 40% dmg reduction (up from 0%) and 80% dmg reduction from dmg over time effects (up from 70%). This is something I would definitely consider replacing clemency for if the buff is what it says it is. We will see though if blizzard makes this happen.

Okay now some gear. Sockets, chants, reforging, etc.

Professions: JC's, enchanters, and any other profession with a small stat bonus? CYAAAA with no new gems and chants Gold is the only benefit coming out of those professions with the stat increases on gear for pvp and pve.

Reforging: I might be the first to throw this out there, but I'm totally feeling the crit this season. Crit for increased heals and more dmg (plus mastery trinkets are gone). I think stat priority is gonna look more like this, this season. haste>crit>mastery or crit>haste>mastery. Either way I'm looking forward to having 50% crit with inquisition up.

Sockets: Opinions on getting the socket bonus's I recommend don't even bother with any pvp power socket bonuses because again, it is scaling more with the new gear so go ahead and ignore the pvp power bonus imo. just make sure to hit the str bonus even if it requires the purple pvp power gem.

Chants: Same as always, but I'm going to not do anything with resil because I don't feel like we're going to need it. We have what we needed it for resil set to finally not be needed and that was vs'n melee cleaves. Casters we never needed it as bad because we had the 40% magic wall, devo aura, and hand of purity.

Now for the entire some up. I don't think we're going to be much better than last season with the buffs to other classes and our tiny buffs. I think the game will be more balanced at full Grievous but you never know. I think Rets are going to have a very strong stand point this season with being able to run different varieties of comps, but will we have enough oomph to fit in this next season is my question. Now leave me your opinions fellow paladins! I really want to hear what you guys are thinking!

- Sincerely, Bubbleswag <3

p.s. First time writing anything like this so some feedback on it would be nice :D
That's gonna be true, but that's not to say we can't ever outplay that comp. I think ret/restro druid will be able to counter it very well. Although the druid doesn't get much from the ret from symby I think with the new fear the priest wont be able to play the game for at least 25 seconds, and in that time we can force a lot of the warriors Defensive CD's with just guardian. Then startt the chaiin all over again so I'm actually looking forward to putting my class to the test and let every play out good. Still gonna have to burst for second wind though or get some help from out healer if we split CD's.
Rets will be in the middle of the road this season. Not great, not terrible, exactly like last season, a class will only be so good when compared to other classes and as a Melee DPS, Ret is pretty subpar compared to the rest, their lack of synergy with casters is still going to limit the number of viable comps, in the end cleaves will still be the only real competitive comp for 3s so grab yourself a hunter/dk and a disc and mouth breath your way to decent ratings until casters get their gear and you start getting one shotted again.
we stand no chance against a warrior and priest team. either bubble gets shattered or md'ed. yay we have damage. but we stand no chance against these teams.

Glyph of Divine Shield is supposed to give you a little bit of relief for bubble popping comps - this way you may lose your invulnerability but at least you gain some HP if they have harmful effects on you when you bubble, for a ghetto heal. I'm assuming this will include Deep Wounds, Colossus Smash, and Mortal Strike.

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