"Coalesced realm" with WrA?

Moon Guard
I just saw an RP group from WrA in Moon guard. All of them had a tag of "Coalesced realm" and a * next to it.

Did we get merged with Wyrmrest Accord? o_O
Coalesced Realms is just CRZ with a different name.
Ah, thanks :3
Only two realms have been merged thus far; Boulderfist and Bloodscalp.

So nope. We're not merged with anybody.
I've been seeing a lot of that with a (*) next to the name while in dungeons/bgs. A friend did some reading and we're not sure if it affects anything but it should read (+) if it truly is merged.

So perhaps (and this is pure speculation), all servers which they are thinking of keeping in the merged pool currently hold the (*) until Bliz figures out what they're doing?
The * is just the typical CRZ symbol. Has been since the service was first introduced.

I could be wrong on this, but I think the "Coalesced Realm" is to signify that someone was invited into the realm via RealID/Battletag as opposed to the game using the CRZ functions on its own. I did a flex raid on Stormrage today and EVERYONE on Stormrage had the Coalesced Realm tag on their tooltips, as I was invited into the realm via a Btag friend.
Ah, that would make more sense Vaeronia, especially considering I too see it on everyone I group with during a bg or dungeon.

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