Pushing into heroics Tuesday, have questions!

Concerning holy paladins.....

So when i stepped into SoO, i decided to stay with the mastery build, i didn't get AMAZING numbers, but they were alright, then at Galakras, i switched to haste/EF build and was pushing out HUGE numbers.

I heal 10 man.

Now that i am seeing some great things with haste, should i shoot for haste breakpoints and then stack mastery? Or should i shoot for as much haste as i can to get that holy shock cooldown as far down as i can and get more heals out?
If you are going to go haste you should go for a well amount of spirit and agood amount of haste to pop out faster and more eternal flames. (Spamming holy power generators on beacon and using holy radiance you will need a decent amount of mana to compencate for this). If you want to be like a disc priest keeping shields on the group at all times reforge all spirit into mastery then haste gem for intel/mastery/haste pick up selfless healer and have fun. (I sit at around 10k spirit doing this you may want to be around here). I have arounf 40% mastery in raid doing this and i just use holy shock> judgement>holyradiance>lod(5hp)/divine light or word of glory on low tanks. The easier holy has even been for 10 man
Personally I had no issues @ 12-13k Spirit, 7170 haste and full mastery, healing with a disc/holy and resto druid. Normals were pretty faceroll, though.
Our HPally was doing the same exact build as before the patch, mastery stacking + EF. Even with the mastery nerf on EF, it was still buffed by 40%. Kind of silly still, just higher overhealing than before.

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