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Timeless Isle brings many new challenges and mindless grinding through content for vanity items. I've spent the first week trying to complete many new achievements as well as hone my creative problem solving in order to navigate the Ordon Sanctuary safely and an efficiently as possible. There are many things I've learned through typical gameplay, and there are even more "cheesing" concepts from the past I've tried to apply to the Timeless Isle's elites. It looks like many players are struggling to work their way beyond Berserkers, but really -- Kilnmasters are just as easy, though require a bit more focus and general skill.

I'll rate the elites based on their difficultly by location, based on a tier system.

      Tier 1: Firewalker Ruins
    • Ordon Fire-Watcher
    • Ordon Oathguard

      Tier 2: The Blazing Way
    • Burning Berserker

      Tier 3: The Blazing Way & Ordon Sanctuary
    • Eternal Kilnmaster
    • Blazebound Chanter
    • Molten Guardian

      Tier 4: Ordon Sanctuary
    • High Priest of Ordos

Since most players are struggling with T3 and T4 units, I'll focus on those.

Blazebound Chanter:
- 5.7mil HP
- Caster-type unit

Chanters are the easiest, in my opinion. They use 4 abilities, the scariest being Greater Pyroblast and Fire Storm. Similar to T1's Fire-Watcher, these spells actually hurt when they hit. The strengths of a Chanter are forcing you to soak damage. It's main weakness is the fact it casts everything, and most spells are easily negated. You may opt to burst down Chanters as quickly as possible. If you're strugglnig to defeat these units due to Cauterize, please note that Mortal Strike effects can really ruin and Chanter's day. In fact, a Chanter will do the last bit of work for you, given you get the enemy low enough.

A really fun trick to do is to let Cauterize go off, but only if you have Black Ash. Use this item before Cauterize finishes....and you can literally ignore up to 30% of the Chanter's health. Chanters will not re-cast Cauterize while the Cauterize effect is active, however Cauterize seems worse than it really is. It heals for 25% of their total health...but deal 30% over 30sec. You can make a quick comparison to the Cauterize timer and the mob's health -- if the timer is equal to or higher than the remaining health percentage, you can literally ignore that Chanter. (Ignoring really only matters in group play.) If the mob is dying fast, interrupt Cauterize.

Eternal Kilnmaster
- 7.6mil HP
- Melee unit

Oh boy, these were fun for a while. If you stand too close, their cleave mauls you. If you stand too far, they charge you and you're more-than-likely dead. There are very few way to correctly handle this mob, but the easiest way to to avoid being in melee when possible. The Kilnmaster will only charge the person who currently has aggro. While in solo play, it's impossible to kite a Kilnmaster safely. It's best to stand in melee and avoid the Blazing Blow casts (unless if you're a Hunter or Warlock...then you get off easy.) Eternal Kilns buff the Kilnmaster's greatly. You should destroy the kiln immediately. If you cannot destroy it fast, you should literally run circles around the mob until the Kiln is dead. If you stop moving and Blazing Blow is cst ast that same moment -- targeting you -- you are dead.

GROUP PLAY -- Roots and Stuns are incredibly effective this unit. Druids should literally spam Entangling Roots if you're in an all-caster group. There's literally nothing you worry about. Void Tendrils are quite strong as well. The Kilnmaster will spam Blazing Blow on the tendrils, though -- so be careful. I've successfully handled tanking 3 Kilnmasters while in group play, but it's extremely difficult to do so solo -- I'd say it's not even worth the time.

SOLO PLAY -- You need two main abilities: (1) Instant/Cast-while-moving effects and (2) Passive damage output or movement DPS. You're going to be dodging ...a lot. And by "a lot" I really mean "a lot." Kilnmasters will try to spawn their Eternal Kiln. Try to interrupt that with a knockback (Typhoon -- Thunderstorm will more than likely cause it to Charge into you). Try to interrupt with a stun. After dodging a Blazing Blow, you should step away from the enemies by about 5 yards. You want the Kilnmaster to run into you, this way, you can time the next Blazing Blow. It will stop for just an instant and want to cast Blazing Blow. (You'll notice the pattern soon after experiencing it.) If you can get this timing down, you should never die to a Kilnmaster again (when you;re not getting clipped, of course). On a personal note, I've easily defeated Kilnmasters by completely ignoring them kilns and just spamming Moonfire. I won't take damage, so I'm fine to do whatever.

Molten Guardian
- 8.4mil HP
- Caster unit

This one is a bit tricky. It goes without saying than you should avoid the bad stuff, but there exists some tricks to make it a bit easier to yourself.
1.) Fire Lines are only cast on ranged units that are out of melee range.
2.) "Whirlwind" is a smaller radius than the "Frontal Cleave"
3.) There is a sweetspot for both Whirlwind and Cleave. (about 4-5 yards away from the guardian's center)
4.) You can dance in and out of melee range to kite the enemy more easily by anticipating the casts. (always move diagonal until you see the spell effect.)

Additional notes on those tips:
- All Molten Guardian's cast follow the same cast time and cast frequency (movement effects this timer).
- Whirlwind and Cleave do not require a melee target from what I have seen, though it will prefer Fire Lines.
- With many targets in melee, Fire Lines are rarely cast.

High Priest of Ordos
- 26.1mil HP
- Melee unit

It's so hard to solo. It's not efficient is solo play either, but I've done it before...it's just very, very hard. I strongly suggest killing the Eternal Kilns immediately -- even at lower health. Don't let Cauterize go off either (use Black Ash if possible). Never pull two at once -- ever, even in group play.
(Chanter - Greater Pyroblast) + (Kilnmaster - Charge) = High Priest

Basically... no Pyroblast...no Charge...but my god kiln buff is scary.

- When Conjure Eternal Kiln goes out, run away from the High Priest if you're tanking. Give your group time to kill the kiln.
- Treat the mob like an Eternal Kilnmaster
- If you're not tanking, don't hit the Flarecore Golems, let the tanking player manage those.
- Make use of Taunts to help reduce the number of Blazing Blow casts. (Don't taunt if you're tank is good)

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