which spec for tauren pally

Hey guys whats up.i wam here just wanting to know which spec should i choose once i reach level 10.I have 2 other pallys.1 is ret pally.other 1 will make holy pally.so for this 1 should i choose prot or ret?thanks guys
Best advice, go with what you don't yet have. There really isn't a correct answer, though, as all three specs are pretty enjoyable.
but to level fast and get into dung easy also take advatage of the racial passive tauren have which spec then.
Extra health is the relevant racial bonus, and it is usable in any spec. I would recommend Prot since you don't have one, but if leveling is your concern; Ret is going to be faster in most cases I found.
If you're strictly concerned with what your racials lend themselves to, the aoe stun and increased stam would lend themselves to tanking more than anything.

Honestly though, just play what you want, racials are not gamebreaking in any way. Like grog said, all the specs are fun, 3 pally's seems a little redundant though. You do know you can have two talent specs at level 30 correct?
Prot would work well to get insta Q in dungeons and with your +stam boost and aoe stun that would all be nice for prot. But then again holy does ok with Q's as well and with your + toherb bonus you could enjoy some haste off of that plus an aoe stun to help with pulls. Ret could also be chosen due to aoe stun helping mitigate damage and +stam means your alive longer so you got that going for you as well.

In conclusion go with whatever you feel like playing its all good!
so go with prot dakkyr?
i know but i wont do duo spec.idk maybe i will delete my human pally since all my other races toons r horde only.idk.but so go and try prot then?
i know but i wont do duo spec

Against my better judgment, I'll bite.


Dual specialization now costs 10 gold, that's it, you'll get that much from questing. You can easily spec into protection and retribution and use the same gear as you level. Go retribution while questing and protections when you want to queue for dungeons. At max level, dual specialization makes you very helpful for a raid team as you can fill two roles and change on a per encounter basis.

Not going dual spec for a hybrid is kind of limiting, I would recommend thinking it over a little more.
ok then i will dual spec thanks.prot will be then

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