Burden of Eternity loot bugged.

Bug Report
i used a Burden of Eternity (while in dps spec and loot spec) on timeless leather boots and received healing boots, however, i opened a ticket and they said that CURRENTLY, they cannot help with this issue, and rendered me unable to reopen this said ticket on this matter for what reason, i dont know.
I had the same problem, got a healer chest and they just told me they were working on the known issue. My question is when they work this issue out, will I get my Burden of Eternity restored?
id rather just have the item swapped, i see it as..."not my problem, farm another burden", is how they put it to me in my ticket. just how i see it.
Similar situation happened to me last night. My loot spec was set to "current". I farmed for a shoulder piece for hours, didnt get one, so (After switching back to dps from tank) I used my burden on a bracer piece instead, having given up. I got tank bracers! Opened a ticket because apparently my loot spec didnt change to my "current" spec, got the same response you did, Kraze. @Celair, I wonder the same! I either want my burden back, or dps bracers as intended. I'm pretty sure we all got the same "Oh well..." reply. Frustrating.
It is apparently also not successfully upgradeable with valor. I did a 2/2 upgrade on an alt (because they were valor capped but couldn't buy any valor gear since one needs to raid for the rep and I hadn't on that alt), went to inspect my upgraded 535 helm...and it was STILL a 535 helm...no the stats weren't improved, either. Opened a ticket and got a copy/paste response that equated to "too bad, so sad" with a link to.....the entire Bug Report forums.

Soooo worth waiting a day for THAT response.
in my honest opinion, this thread isnt even gonna get looked at by a blue post, and its pretty sad that thats how they treat their customers (by purchasing CD keys, game time, etc., we are considered customers) at all.
I had the same thing also happened to my pally last night. I wanted to make a ring I got upgraded with Burden of Eternity into a tanking ring. It ended up as a healing ring. Its useless to me now. I got the whole too bad, so sad response from them as well.
Just a reminder that your loot specialisation (right click your character portrait) will determine the loot you receive. Lost 3 pieces of loot myself before I realised :S

Although it sounds like people are having this occur with the correct specialisation.
Yeah you would think they would have a "are your sure" message pop up before you change an epic into something else. Kind of like when you are trying to destroying something in your inventory.
I had a similar issue on my priest. I opened a normal curio while in shadow spec with my loot specialization set to shadow and got the healer trinket. It's not as devastating as losing a burden of eternity, but it does show that the system is bugged.
Yup same damn thing happened to me - THREE TIMES! I have now wasted three burdens and got useless crap. On shadow spec priest and also tried for balance spec for druid and got spirit yet again. Or do we just set it for the opposite of what we want? Why even bother having a loot spec if its not paying attention to it at all. Its like April fools every day up in here. WHEN GONNA BE MY TIME LAWD?!? WHEEEENNNN GOONNAAA BEEEE MYYY TIIIMEEEE!!!!?????!!!!!!

For realz tho imma open a ticket just so they can laugh at me too -__________-
On shadow spec priest and also tried for balance spec for druid and got spirit yet again
Errr, spirit is a valid stat for shadow priests and balance druids. It provides you hit.
One point I would like to make with regards to ho these items work. I have a few times not checked my loot spec and created a piece better suited for my blood spec rather than for my main spec which is frost. Other items in the game will show a popup box with a warning similar to " Are you certain you want to do this your main spec is Frost but your loot spec is set to blood?" While I know it may seem silly complaining about this the point is that accidents do happen and if GM's are not permited to reverse a misclick this could all be avoided by warning a player prior to use rather than just using the burden on the item.

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