Combat PvP 5.4

Anyone been playing some combat pvp in 5.4? About to buy tyra swords, throw some chants on them and test it out. Any input on how its looking so far or are sub/assas still better. Tired of daggers, all I've played since wotlk. want some badass swords
I love combat
Combat all the way! It's lackluster in arenas since your damage is sunk so deep into your CDs, but a high mastery/crit build will scare the !@#$ out of almost anyone with killing spree. Also, use expose armor. I'm not rolling the glyph for it now because I've been doing PvE, but every little bit helps. You can get away without it on leather and cloth, but it's a nice buff against plate.

Few tips: Try not to blow KS too early. You want Bandit's Guile (i actually don't remember if it's still called bandits guile or if it's combat insight now) at 30% ideally. Naturally that takes 15 reavealing/sinister strikes so it won't happen a lot. Try to have at least 20, though, with maybe a trinket up. Adrenaline rush with shadow blades is a huge combo against plate, especially if they don't have anyway to stop you. Make sure you keep SnD up and go bat %^-* insane!

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