Need help with tanking

Ok so i'm a level 44 tank.I know some of my armor is not the best because i was healer into level 40 but my friend stopped playing so i became tank.Anyways back to subject when i'm in a group with a other pally or warrior i always seem to loose A LOT of aggro to them. Is their like a rotation i should be following at low level to keep better aggro control? Also what type of stats shoul i be looking for in armor? As of now i just look for STR and STAM upgrades is that correct?
Make sure they're not running Righteous Fury if they are a Paladin or that they aren't in Defensive Stance if they are a warrior.

Make sure you're using Righteous fury yourself.

For leveling, just grab any Plate quest reward, stats and gear don't really matter much.

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