Chi-Ji Trinkets

Contemplation of Chi-Ji vs Relic of Chi-Ji;79330&weights=Priest%20-%20Discipline;23:123:24:96:170:103;100:81:80:60:55:50

Someone said the darkmoon faire trinket is better than timeless isle trinket, but it only has 5 more intellect and passive 20% chance to proc with a 55 sec cooldown.

I usually don't like on use trinkets, but on use every 1.5 minutes seems more dependable than a 20% chance to proc every 55 seconds.
20% chance to proc with 55 second cooldown is VASTLY better than a 1.5 minute cooldown. Always. It effectively means it has a ~60 second cooldown as long as you're always casting. 20% chance to proc is actually really high.
You should be casting a healing spell often enough that it will almost definitely proc within 5-10 second of coming off the ICD.

Contemplation is an average of 960 spirit if used on CD. The Isle gear is really underbudget for its ilvl.

Relic is an average of 1,210 spirit with ~40% uptime. It's much better.
The Relic will proc pretty much directly after it's ICD is up. as Celestials noted, a 20% proc chance is extremely high.

Also, while on-use is great for throughput stats (for timing with a burn/healing intensive phase), it really isn't all that beneficial for spirit. With the exception of times where you are at 100% mana, you will always benefit from increased regen, so there's no real benefit to controlling the time at which it procs.

Between those two trinks I'd most likely go with Relic.
The relic is better, but the 535 contemplation trinket >;103688;75274&weights=Priest%20-%20Discipline;23:123:24:96:170:103;100:81:80:60:55:50

The reason I'm comparing trinkets is for the proving grounds and my gear has some secondary stats, but it's not the greatest.

Read and thought the same would apply to proving grounds.

I think I will replace contemplation of chi ji trinket with the relic of chi ji and also try out the zen alchemist stone... On silver mode I'm sure there is no mana break so I'm not going to use restorative amber from Klaxxis, but plan to try those too if I ever get to gold and endless.

thank you everybody who convinced me that relic of chi ji is still good and probably better than the timeless isle trinket. :D

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